Dry Shampoo 3Doesn’t washing our hair just flat out suck! It’s that mundane task that every woman dreads doing. Washing our hair isn’t the hard part, it is the entire process afterwards that makes us wish we were bald!

Clearly we all know that our scalps produce oil/sebum. AND WE HATE OILY HAIR. But actually, its created to keep our scalp moisturized and healthy! This sebum builds up and makes our hair look gross, lifeless, and can even give off an odd smell that makes you want to hop in the shower right away. While the answer is different for everyone, you really do not need to wash your hair everyday. Regardless of how much you think your hair is too thin and oily after one day. What you aren’t realizing is that washing too often (or everyday) is doing more harm than good. The more frequent you wash, the more you are removing your scalp’s natural oil. While doing this, you are sending a signal to create more since you are drying out your scalp by how much you are washing! (Hence the extra secretion of oil, also making you question why your hair is oily after one day of not washing it).

So, what are you supposed to do if you shouldn’t wash it everyday? Enter the magic of dry shampoo!
Dry Shampoo 1

Dry shampoos are just a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water. It works by removing oils from your scalp and hair allowing you go a little longer without washing it. Or a lot longer if you are like me! There are many kinds of dry shampoos. My favorite are the ones that come out of an aerosol can and I wanted to share them with you today!

Dry Shampoo 4

Morocanoil Dry Shampoo is my ride or die brand! The scent and the texture are everything! This brand’s unique scent takes the cake for me, always! They have two different kinds, one for light toned hair and one for dark! Cost: 5.4oz for $26. 1.7oz for $10.

For my budget friendly babes, my favorite dry shampoo is the TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. This can be found at any drugstore including ULTA. The texture of this product is not as flawless as the Moroccanoil but it will suffice if you are looking to save some moola! One size at $5.99.

QUICK TIP: While using dry shampoo, hold the can two inches away from your hair and spray your roots around the crown. If your product comes out feeling wet or powdery looking, don’t worry, just massage lightly with your fingertips and it will go away! What that is doing is absorbing all of your oils to give you a fresh do! Every single product is different, so find what works for you!
Dry Shampoo 5
Do you use dry shampoo? What brands are your favorite? I would love to know and try some more! XOX!

Morocanoil Dry Shampoo: HERE (Cheaper: HERE)
TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo: HERE

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