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Weekends used to feel like they weren’t successful unless I was out partying and drinking with  friends. I always thought I was missing out if I stayed home— funny thing is, what I was doing wasn’t even worth feeling like that. I never took care of my skin. I never ate correctly. I sometimes went days without drinking any water at all and it’s like, WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Now I love to stay in on weekends and when I do I make sure that I make time for myself to pamper my skin and my face. Why? Because it feels pretty damn good, that’s why! It’s become so relaxing and therapeutic for me but more importantly knowing that I am preserving my skin and its tightness for the future makes me feel great. Who want’s wrinkles, right!? NOT ME!

There are so many simple things we can do to improve the way we feel about ourselves and it can start with how we pamper our bodies, ‘cuz face it— they want some lovin’ too! I probably get a little excessive with the products on the weekends but I’ll just list a few of my favorites and what I feel is essential for me.

To start that night off right, I’ll hop in the shower. Once clean, it’s time to use lotion and my Ped-Egg! (Ew, I know.) I put lotion on directly after my shower while my body is still a little damp.  I’ve always heard that doing so would trap the moisture on your skin and boost the effectiveness. Not really sure if that’s true or not but hey, to each his own! Since it’s still cold and dry outside, I am using Eucerin Intensive Repair Very Dry Skin Lotion for my body. I also use the Daily Replenishing, they work the same in my opinion. Following that, I use the peg egg to remove any dead skin on my feet while they are still damp and soft. I’ll use lotion right after to keep them that way!

Once a week I like to do a face mask. I switch up my products each week for different results! Once a month I like to use my Glam Glow Super Mud Mask and I would totally use it more, but its tiny for $70 and I ain’t tryin’ to waste it! Other weeks I’ll use my Boscia Bright White Mask which always makes my face feel really smooth and wonderful.

For my lippies, I always use some kind of sugar scrub to wipe away any dead/dry skin. My favorite scrub ever is Bliss – Fabulips Sugar Scrub. OMG, LOVE. I don’t have it anymore so I’ve been using Etre belle Liftlip Peel. Buying a sugar scrub is completely unnecessary though because you can just mix brown sugar & honey. I rub my lips together with product on it for 1-2 minutes, sometimes longer and then I will wipe and rinse with warm water. I end this process with Aquaphor Healing Ointment which is essential for me, I never go a night without it.

FINALLY— as if this wasn’t long enough, I like to use some essential oils/aromatherapy. My mom really got me into it and told me how each scent can make you feel. It truly works and I rarely go to sleep without dabbing a little on my wrists and behind my ears. Here are a few scents I use and what I use them for.
Lavender– improves quality of sleep, relieves stress, anxiety & tension. I use on my wrists and behind my ears. (I literally think lavender is like, the power of peace or something, I swear. LOL)
Chamomile & Mint– immediate relaxation. I use this behind my ears and on the back of my neck. (The smell can be strong but I’m telling you, it works.)

So try and take some time to yourself at least once a week to pamper your body and relax. I promise you it will feel great! Stay beautiful.

Products mentioned:
Glam Glow MudHERE [ Cheaper – HERE ]
Etre Bell Liftlip Peel – HERE
Essential Oils – HEREHERE, and HERE


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3 comments on “Weekend Pamper Favorites!”

  1. Lavender is THE BEST. Actually one time I was crafting with some friends and we left a giant bag of dried lavender open until the fumes filled the room and made us super loopy. It is powerful stuff! Great for insomnia.

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