Comfy Winter Pajamas!!Bundling up when its cold is my favorite part of winter. Nothing feels better than being warm and cozy under a bunch of blankets. Even better when you can bundle up in some cute jammies + its so much warmer waking up in the morning!

Today I am showing you my favorite pajamas that I love to wear! Most of these PJ’s are not from any collection this season. I had a hard time finding the exact same ones but I will link places where you can get similar styles!

12These are the only pajama’s that are new this year. They are VS pajamas and they are so comfy! After a couple hours of wearing them they started to stretch which I didn’t mind because the bigger they got, the more comfy they became!

3 7First things first, flannel is YES and secondly— how could I not include my little Archie Boy! These flannel separates are insanely warm and so soft. They’re the type of material that gets better and better with each wash. Totally my go-to PJ’s for cold weather!

9 10 11I would be doing a disservice to this pair if I did not include a booty-flap picture! Okay, so I should probably say “drop-seat” but booty-flap is hilarious. Also, the ever so fun “jump in the air” picture just seemed necessary. I love onesie pj’s because they bring out the child in me! (Hence the pictures, LOL).


14Everyone needs at least one pair of silk or satin pajamas. While my onesies make me feel like a kid again, my satin pajamas make me feel so luxurious & house wife about life, HA! These are from Victoria’s Secret + are super comfortable! I don’t prefer to sleep in them as they don’t stretch whatsoever but for around the house fun, they are awesome!

Products Mentioned: 
#1 VS Fireside Long Jane Pajama
#2 Flannel Pajamas – HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE
#3 VS Onesie Thermal Style Pajama or “Long-Jane” Pajamas
#4 Satin Pajama Set – HERE, HERE, and HERE

^^ I am so sorry I did not include links for both onesie pajamas. (Especially the booty-flap ones). They are both from Victoria’s Secret and are no longer available. I tried SO hard to find similar pairs from other stores but I could not find any from a credible website and did not want to give you guys the run around on junky sites! Good news is, VS always comes out with amazing new pajamas so lets be the first in line next year!

What are your favorite pajamas to wear!?

Next Post? I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where my bedroom furniture is from, so if you would like me to do a post on where it is all from and how I kept it as inexpensive as possible, let me know! — XOXO!

Shoutout to my husband who I force to be my personal photographer, LOL!

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    • Thanks!! :-) The flannel ones are to dieeeee for + I’m totally living in them every night, lol! And yes, my husband gets an A+ this “photoshoot”. It usually doesn’t go this well, HAHA!

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