One word, VOLUME. Having some bounce and height to your hair makes a woman feel good, because lets face it, flat and dull hair is no one’s friend. Here are some tips for achieving voluminous hair and making it stay that way all day long!

Voluminous hair--- Fake it until you make it  Voluminous hair-- Fake it until you make it     Voluminous hair- Fake it until you make it

Start in the shower: Do not waste any time with this preparation and begin with using the right products in the shower. A lot of shampoo and conditioner products can weight down the hair. So volumizing shampoos and conditioners is an obvious great start. If you have thick and curly hair, anti-frizz might be best for you.
Add styling products to wet hair: You don’t have to wait until your hair is dry to start using products. This actually helps, tremendously. Gels, volumizing serums, and mousses in wet hair give it texture and a thicker appearance when your blow-dry is finished. Call me crazy but from experience, you do not need to wait until your hair is dirty to use dry shampoos. It may not work for everyone but of all different techniques I have tried when trying to get height to my hair, this is by far my favorite. It adds a dryness to your hair similar to the baby powder technique, removing  any left over oils you may not have washed out in the shower. Try it! It works.
Feel the heat and take your time: First things first, you should definitely splurge on a great hair dryer, honestly, great tools make a HUGE difference. Start with the top of your hair and around your hairline just because this is the hair that usually dries first. Use a round brush and use a thick one. When you’ve done that, you can move to the bottom and blow-dry in one or two-inch wide sections until you’ve reached the top of your head. Dry your roots first and style to the sky. Literally. If you are unfamiliar with using a round brush the proper way, you can either just hold your hair straight up and dry or flip your head upside down and dry with the brush.
Don’t be afraid to tease: If you think you have over teased, just keep going! It will most likely fall a little bit by the time you have to leave the house anyways! Also, find a really good hair spray. This is tricky because hairspray can be so unpredictable. I feel like I have to try something new every month because I’m always changing my mind if I like what I’m using or not. So find what works for you!


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2 comments on “Voluminous Hair: Fake It Until You Make It”

  1. I’ve had the same blow dryer since high school. I should probably invest in a new (and not so cheap) one! When you tease, do you use a teasing comb or a teasing brush? I used a comb for years and just switched to a brush. Not sure how I like it just yet!

    • I JUST purchased a new dryer at Ulta and it’s great! It’s funny you ask about teasing because I actually just switched to a thin teasing brush as well! I still find myself using the comb more often but I equally love them both!

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