Super Hot + Trendy Pool Rafts This Summer
Today I am in Curacao, it is absolutely GORGEOUS here! We were in Turks & Caicos and Dominican Republic the last couple of days and every day keeps getting better. I’m just wondering why the heck I live in Connecticut? The Caribbean lifestyle is totally for me. Tomorrow we will be in Aruba and I can’t even wait to blog about it and share everything with you guys!

Today’s post is a short, fun, and very laid back post but it kind of emulates how I’m feeling here in Curacao, so I thought it was perfect!

Surely, you have seen the popular pool rafts this summer that are floating around Pinterest and Instagram! (See what I did there? “Floating Around” LOL!) Of course we all know of the flamingo raft that Kylie Jenner made so popular. And truthfully, I was instantly obsessed and ready to jump on that band-wagon. My husband and I recently renovated our in-ground pool and decorating it with fun rafts is the best part! A pink, gold, and white flamingo raft (yes, all three) were the only rafts that were on my list this year, until I actually started shopping!

Check out some trendy rafts this summer that are a MUST for your pool. Don’t have a pool? SCREW IT, just buy the raft anyways and bring it to a friends house; everyone loves a fun raft!

Super Fun Pool Rafts For The SummerSo obviously I’ll start with the Black, Pink, and Gold swan rafts! They are pricey but every single pool needs them. (Plus, I’m sure you can find cheaper). OKAY… I may or may not have mentioned my new infatuation with pineapples. Which is ironic because I’m partially allergic to them, yet eat them anyways! (Very strange). They are incredibly trendy right now which almost makes me want to hate them, but I can’t. I am buying anything and everything with a pineapple on it. This PINEAPPLE raft is totally mine already and I’m obsessed. I love this one because it’s a solid raft and basically a bed. Definitely my go-to raft this summer. THIS donut pool raft instantly caught my eye as well and I need to have it immediately. Of course, my childish mind gravitates right towards THIS 4th of July themed icicle raft. Those things are delicious!! I just recently found THIS watermelon raft, how cute is it!? Totally getting it. Can we just talk about this Hot Dog Joust Pool Raft for a minute? How hysterical?! Whatever this is, we’re purchasing it!

There are so many cute rafts this summer! Ditch the old regular rafts and make your pool a little mire fun by adding some of these fun ones to them! I know I plan on it!!

Who noticed that basically every single of the these rafts are food? … Hmmm?
— from Curacao!






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