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Too Faced Melted Liquified Long wear Lipstick has a distinct formula to it that make them so addicting. I wanted to share with you guys my two favorites that always seem to be my GO-TO with any outfit! It really has a long wearing quality.  They are easy to manipulate while wet and very pigmented. One coat is definitely enough with these lipsticks! I always gravitate towards them immediately when I go into the stores. 

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My first favorite is the color Melted Fig. Actually, at first I did not like this color whatsoever. I was really disappointed and wanted to return it. I put it on without makeup so I decided to wait and give it another try. Now, this color is my absolute go to. Its gives off enough color without being too bold. I have seen this one girls with lighter skin which is what intrigued me to begin with so it definitely looks good on multiple skin colors!

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My second favorite color is the Melted Berry. This is an intense red color and I love it. Something important you should know, IT STAINS LIKE CRAZY. If you put it on, you are stuck with it, LOL.  But, I guess that is a good thing because its long lasting. I will put this color on and 6 hours later, it is still on!

Overall, the texture of the Too Faced Melted Lipstick is what draws me in the most. They are so creamy, pigmented, and like I said above, very easy to manipulate. The applicator where the color comes out makes it very easy to use!

Do you use their Melted Lipsticks? Which ones do you love??

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