The Truth About Beauty Blogging
I was working in a salon at the time I decided to move to Connecticut to be with my (now) husband. I was struggling terribly with my life’s direction and which route I wanted to take. I wanted to go the medical direction but my heart and soul was always with hair and makeup. So I did both. I decided to start a blog while in school, primarily for fun. I follow more blogs than you could imagine, including many YouTube channels as well. I thought this was the perfect way to keep my passion a part of my life.

Today I wanted to share some of my struggles in the beauty blogging world and heading in the direction of blogging full time! This post is directed to those who are having the same issues as I am or for those who are thinking about taking the plunge and starting a blog! This is a long read, and if you are not interested in blogging, this post isn’t for you!

And then some…. No really. If you want your blog to grow and become something, you need to be consistent and current. Both, you will shortly find out are hard to do. Staying consistent is something I definitely struggle with. I work a 40 hour work week at one job, I recently became a free lance makeup artist for Anastasia Beverly Hills to start that part of my career, I come home and blog until I go to bed. It truly is two full time jobs, plus the events I decide to pick up with ABH. I have finally found a system that works for me that may or may not help other bloggers out. I work on 5-7 blogs at one time. I write the bulk of the post, take pictures for each post, edit them, and submit them into the posts. (Those are all on different days by the way). That way, if I am not available to be at my computer, I have a couple completed posts that I can post from anywhere! (If any current bloggers have any advice for time management, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)

If you are blogging to make money quick, think again.
Making money is a VERY slow process while blogging. It’s also super tough feeling like you are pressuring people to buy products you are recommending. Some of the links I post are affiliate links that I do make money from but most are not. I do not blog to make money, though it is a plus. I blog because I truly love recommending products that I have tested and love. It’s fun to pass tips on to others that make me feel girly and beautiful. Women should be helping other women, right? Right.

Materialistic? … Taking to a wall?
This is a beauty blog where I ONLY talk about beauty related topics and why you should have them. My writing consists of letting you know what products I think are amazing or why having 10 lipsticks from ColourPop is necessary. But, life happens. Living long distance from your entire family, stressful situations, family/friend illness, and (thankfully rarely) death and it will all start to feel so trivial and materialistic. Some days I feel extremely inspired and other days I think, IS ANYONE THERE? IS ANYONE EVEN LISTENING!? Maybe, maybe not. But I have gotten great feedback which keeps me going! Remind yourself that life gets back to normal and the doubt will go away. Keep doing what you love if it makes you happy and remember why you started your blog in the first place!

I definitely want to thank the friends and family who have shared my blog posts on your social media. You know who you are! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! I notice every single person who shares, comments and likes and I can’t stress enough how much that means to me! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I’m sorry for the rant today about trying to be a full time beauty blogger! This post was directed at my blog community! I would definitely love to know if other bloggers feel the same way.


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23 comments on “The Truth About Beauty Blogging | My Truth”

  1. Such a great and helpful post! I just got into blogging and I am actually shocked at how overwhelming it is. Plus, I’m a mommy and have a part-time job as an educator. It is super hard to balance everything but at the same time–writing is my passion and beauty is my most loved hobby. But thank you for bringing to light how difficult it can be to juggle everything.

    Question, do you have any tips to growing your audience?

  2. I love this post! It’s so honest + spot on. Blogging is literally a full time job + can be super overwhelming, but I think you do an amazing job! And money – HA! One day, that’d be amazing, but you’ve got to thoroughly enjoy what you’re doing + put in so much legwork long before that comes around. I love connecting with other girls who work full time + still maintain a great blog. It’s so inspiring to me! We’re all just trying to figure out a way to share what we love + make our own little mark! :)

    • Could not have said it better myself! I am so happy that I found your blog through Jess! It’s always a wonderful read and definitely inspires me to step out of my comfort zone so thank you for that! Thank you so much for your support!! XOXO

  3. Couldnt be more proud that you are following and pursuing your dreams, you have had a knack for this since before I met you & have taught & introduced me to so many things. Keep going girlfriend!! love ya!

  4. I read too! …even though all I do is go to work and lay around on my couch? It’s exciting watching you grow your blog! Just don’t forget me when you’re rich and famous!

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