If you are on the hunt for a fun summer bag, you should totally consider a straw one! Not only are they super trendy lately, they are so interchangeable! Some are large enough (and the perfect size) to take to the beach with you but also adorable enough to take on a night out! The color of the average straw bag is actually perfect and somehow matches every outfit you will wear, not to mention this bag essentially is just screaming summer!

There are so many different types of straw bags and personally, I feel like I just need to buy them all, LOL. There’s just your average straw tote, totes with poms, ones with colorful tassels, straw clutches and cross bodies, and ones with decorative letters or pictures on them.  Today I’m showing you some perfect straw tote bags that’ll work with any summer outfit!

Straw tote - plainThe regular plain straw totes.
It’s not secret that I love tote bags. They are what I gravitate towards. This type of straw bag is the one that will be the most versatile. You will definitely be able to pair one of these with pretty much everything! Totally have my eye stuck on that black tote.

Straw bags with pomsTotes with poms & tassels.
These have been so popular in the blog world. Just about every blogger I follow has several of these, but who can blame them? They’re ADORABLE. THIS and THIS pom/tassel tote and definitely my favorite.

straw totes with writing
Totes with writing + pictures.
These are so fun and obviously something you can’t wear with every outfit but definitely a good pic up for a beach day or for some casual day fun in the sun! That Siesta bag with the tassels is seriously speaking to me. Who am I kidding? ALL of these straw bags are speaking to me. If only my budget was endless!

Okay so now that I have flooded this post with 100 pictures of bags, LOL, I think I will end it here! I wrote this post because I have a super fun one coming up in the next couple of weeks that involve straw totes! I won’t be giving away too many details BUT it’s a cute little DIY project that I have been excited to share. Stay tuned!!

Which straw totes are your favorite!?

As always, you can shop this post below! XO!

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