Hi everyone! When my husband and I were in Key West, we were OBSESSED with the resort we stayed in. So obsessed that I thought I’d add a little travel segment to my blog to let everyone know about this amazing place! I know that my blog is primarily beauty + fashion but I told myself that this year I would try my hardest to incorporate so many different things to my blog so I’m starting with my travels! In this post I’m sharing a place that has definitely stolen a little bit of our hearts and maybe you’ ll consider staying here if you travel to Key West!

We ended our 15 day vacation spending 5 days in Ket West. Doing some research prior to traveling, I kept reading that there wasn’t very many beaches, at least public ones, and not very many “resorts” that give you that caribbean feel. I came across this one on Trip Advisor and just felt a good vibe and went with it. So here’s my take… (and some pictures, LOL).

SMBR entrance SMBR Pool outside hotel hammocks hotel room Day Nook SMBR honeymooners hotellll SMBC SMBC View SMBC Drinks! At The southernmost beach cafe
First impression: Upon arriving to the hotel, we checked in and noticed that there were several buildings to this resort. One set of buildings on the beach side and one set across the street. We learned that both had their own pools, but only one had an ocean view with a beach and large restaurant. We checked in and the concierge said, here’s your key with your “partial ocean view”. We thought SCOREEE!! We were on the more “luxurious” side, if you want to call it that. From first look, it had the better pool, more activities, a bunch of outdoor relaxation areas, AND THE BEACH!

Rooms: We got to our room and noticed it was big and spacey! Immediately my husband loved the little couch/bay window area that looked out right to the water. At this point we were on cloud 9 thinking how amazing our room location was. Right outside our room were those colorful adirondack chairs that are pictured above and just to the right were the hammocks! The headboard to the bed was so luxurious, I almost never wanted to leave. The amazing part was the hotel left us a bottle of Chardonnay, lotion + shower gel, and key lime yogurt pretzels. We told them we were celebrating our honeymoon upon booking, so their generosity was very much appreciated! My personal favorite part was the full supply of shower supplies. They had high-end shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, and soaps for us to use and they were large bottles. They smelled exactly like a spa, it was wonderful. You were given the option to take them at $20 per bottle (which I thought was crazy expensive, but the option was awesome).

Food: If we spent time at the resort we either ate in the Southernmost Beach Cafe or at the pool where the cafe delivered their food. It was super delicious, a tad on the expensive side, but amazing nonetheless. We were told that breakfast at the cafe was out of this world so we made an effort to eat there as much as possible. More importantly, the mimosas were a very generous amount compared to most places I have been and my husband was a big fan of their bloody mary’s, which he can be picky about. There was a convenient store across the street with a cute little lobster shack next to it. They also had a Cuban coffee cafe and I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Khloe Kardashian going physco over Cuban coffee in that one episode of KUWTK so obviously I needed to have some! LOL.

Pool: The pool area was very relaxing. They offered cabanas at reasonable prices, but also had a decent amount of beach chairs with umbrellas at no cost. The pool was on the bigger side and never felt crowded. They threw in pool rafts every day which I thought was pretty cool. They had fountains that gave a grotto type feeling to the pool Okay, maybe I just wanted it to feel grotto-like, but it was still pretty sweet!. There was a cabana girl who would come around and get your drink/food orders, even if you were in the pool. You never even had to get out! Talk about service at it’s finest!

Location: The location of this resort was in the best possible spot it could be, for my taste at least. Everyone knows about the famous Duval street in Key West where you spend almost 100% of your time at. Duval street is roughly 1.5 miles long and has everything and anything that you can need while you’re there. Gift shops, breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots, awesome stores, home decor stores, clothing stores and boutiques, and a couple of tattoo shops. We spontaneously decided to get anchor tattoos while we were there which is why I pictured it above! 1 Duval Street is on one end of the street where they have live shows while they celebrate the sunset every night. It’s generally pretty busy with lots of people and drivers on that end of Duval. Our hotel was on the complete opposite end which was still local to what we needed but a lot less busy which I LOVED. It was quiet but close enough to walk to everywhere we wanted to go.

Key West is a must visit place in general, but this resort is hands down the best one I have been to that is in the United States. It really gave us that Caribbean feel. The staff was amazing, always accommodating and it was such a pleasure to stay there! What I loved was that it was definitely romantic but didn’t have to be if that isn’t what your trip was intended for. I would definitely travel here with friends, family, and maybe my future children!

I hope you liked my little travel post. Just trying out some new things on the blog! If you are thinking of traveling to Key West and have any questions about this resort, feel free to ask any questions! Also, if you stay here, make sure you are staying in the YELLOW building and not the grey ones! That’s the better side ;) !!


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  1. This looks like it was the most relaxing trip! Such a gorgeous resort! :) I loved Key West — it’s really a fun, one-of-a kind vaca spot!! I’ll definitely have to remember this place if I go back! Glad you guys had fun — PS: that tan is AMAZE! XOXO

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