Our skin loves the nighttime. This is the time where our bodies are completely protected from environmental stressors. Plus, this is also our repair and restore time. So, why not fix your beauty problems overnight to wake up with a beautiful glow?! Hence, the term “Beauty Sleep.”

Moisturize your skin
Falling asleep with makeup on is a huge no-no. Cleanse and exfoliate every single night to remove makeup and dirt from your face. Follow up with a great moisturizer to hydrate your skin. If you are acne prone you can skip the moisturizer since acne results from oil. The key to having flawless, radiant skin is to wash your face every night.

Zap Zits
Make your pimples scared of you instead of the opposite. Look for formulas with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or zinc. These products have plenty of time during the night to work their magic on your not so friendly, friends. I use a bonzoyl peroxide cream and it zaps those bad boys right away!

Soft Feet
Use Vaseline or Warm Olive Oil to massage your feet a few times a week before bed. Your feet will be amazingly smooth. I can’t stand to sleep with socks on but its worth it, trust me!
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Moisturized Lips
I have very bad chapped lips and there is only one thing that heals my lips. Before bed, I use a toothbrush and some water to remove excess dry skin. You should follow up with a great lip moisturizer. I personally use Aquaphor healing ointment- advanced therapy. It doesn’t necessarily say its for your lips but for me, it works instantly!

Smooth Hair
To lock moisture in your hair, apply a deep condition after you get out of the shower. Put your hair in a braid and leave it until the morning. When you wake up wash and condition your hair as normal and your hair will be extra soft!

White Teeth
You could make your own teeth whitener by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, a mashed up strawberry, and a tiny bit of water. (Strawberry is optional) This should be left on no longer than 5 minutes due to its strength!

Healthy Hair
If your hair is longer than a bob, you’re most likely damaging it in your sleep. Turning over during the night can cause friction leaving your hair to break or frizz. You can easily fix this by sleeping on silk or satin pillows, or throwing your hair in a braid to hold it in place while you are sleeping.

Puffy or Dark Under Eyes
Before you fall asleep, you can do a few thing to help remove puffy eyes or dark circles. To remove puffy eyes, can cut up cold cucumbers and put slices on your eyes for twenty minutes. It sounds so cliche but it really does subside the swelling. To fix dark under circles, you can use caffeinated bags of tea. In the morning, place your bags in the fridge in a plastic bag and put them on your eyes for 30 minutes before bed.

Long Lashes & Thick Eyebrows 
Apply castor oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes with a q-tip or clean mascara wand. Overtime you will begin to notice longer and thicker lashes and great eyebrows.

Using Aromatherapy can reduce stress, along with the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic impacts of stress. It can really improve the quality of your sleep and mental clarity. I use the Pillow Mist Sleep Therapy from Bath & Body Works. I just mist a little bit on my pillow before I lay down and have a great sleep!

I do all of these tips before bed to give my body a fresh start every morning. Doing these simple things at night will help so much in the long run and make you feel beautiful and great! I hope they work for you too!

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