Don’t let the title confuse you. I’m certainly not going to talk about how we should let the oil build up in our hair because … I mean— get real, that’s gross. I wouldn’t say I’ve recently discovered this new amazing product for my hair because I’ve been using hair oils for about 7 years off and on (mostly off) but I do want to share my two favorites and my experience on how it has recently made a difference on me.

A short bio: When I was in beauty school I completely destroyed my hair and gave myself several chemical hair cuts. For those who have no idea what that is, chemical cuts are a totally unsolicited hair cut and given to you when you do things such as bleach, lighten, or relax your hair so much that it causes tons of breakage and removes your length. (You’re welcome for your daily cosmetology lesson.) To this day, my hair is still affected by what I did 8 years ago and I’ve basically just accepted it. Like whatever, this is my life now— damaged hair and all so I’m just gonna work with this mess.

Hair oils can help with frizz, static, it keeps it shiny, protects it, and helps it stay smooth. There are hair oils that you can heat up in the microwave and leave on for 20 min then rinse out but there are also some that you can spray or put on before/after you blow-dry.


My preference? I really like to use oils to my hair directly after a blow-dry. I switch back and forth between two products with one being a spray and one I pour in my hand. My all time favorite is of course, Moroccan Oil Treatment. The smell is just, UGH, I can’t get enough and anyone in the beauty industry will tell you the same. (I may or may not slather what’s left on my hands onto my neck and arms, LOL) This oil is kind of heavy but they actually make a Moroccan Oil Light version for those who have delicate/thin or light-colored hair.


The oil mist I use is the Proganix Anti-Fade Weightless Argan Oil. This also has UV Protection which is great, and gets me excited to use it for the summer. It is an extremely light mist so this has been my GO-TO lately. I actually received this in my Glossy Box a couple of months ago and lovelovelove it. It smells like cherry blossoms but I’m biased toward the way the Moroccan oil smells so nothing will compare.

I used to use Moroccan Oil often while working in salons because it was always in front of me but I stopped using it and just started again maybe two months ago. I’ll usually switch products each time I wash my hair and I’m really happy with the results. If you know me, you know that my hair is very curly and can get extremely frizzy so this helps 100%. I’ve gotten many compliments on how shiny and smooth my hair looks, not to mention how great it smells! The texture has done a complete 180 since I have been consistently using it. Oils are also really great for days in the sun because most have UV filters that protect your hair. The sun can take the color right out of your hair so this helps tremendously!

I will list the products down below if you are looking for similar results to control frizz, help with shine, or even just to make your hair smell nice!

The most important tip: NEVER APPLY TO YOUR ROOTS!

 Products Mentioned: 
Moroccan Oil Treatment: HERE | Cheaper: HERE
Moroccan Oil Treatment Light: HERE | Cheaper: HERE
Proganix Anti-Fade Spray: HERE | Cheaper: HERE


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