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My GlossyBox came last week and as you know, it’s always an excitement for me! This is my 20th Box with 5-6 products in each box and I can only count on 1 hand the items I did not like. You can get your Glossybox HERE!  This months box came in the traditional pink colored box filled with 5 products.

Lets open this bad boy!

November Glossybox 2November Glossybox 11
The first product I noticed immediately in the box was the FLORA•PY – Floral Facial Sheet. The scent is blackberry primrose, infused with primrose aromatherapy. I am assuming they have different kinds of masks but the one I received is the Deep Hydration Mask. 1 mask retails for $8. The first free second I had I popped this baby on and couldn’t wait to see results. My husband was making fun of me so he had to snap a pic! I did like this brand but I am definitely curious to find out about others as well!

November Glossybox 4 November Glossybox 7
Inside this tiny box is the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Anti Aging Creme. Keep the anti-aging products coming Glossybox, yessss! I am all for receiving different brands of “anti-aging” skincare products. One of them is bound to be effective, right? (wink, wink). I have not tried this yet but the packaging is adorable! At full size this costs $50 for 1oz. I received a cute sample size of .17oz which costs about $8.50

November Glossybox 10
This cute tube is the Crabtree & Evelyn – La Source Ulta-Moisturizing Hand Therapy. This is one of the very few complaints I have with Glossybox. More often than not, I am receiving a hand cream and have received such an abundance that I can’t even try them all. I love a great hand lotion and appreciate every brand but I don’t have an issue with dry hands so I forget that I have them! The scent of this brand is beautiful, though! The full size cost of this item is $22 for 100g. I received 25g at $5.50. Its a pretty decent size!

November Glossybox 3 November Glossybox 8
It’s less common to find many shadows, blushes, or bronzers in these boxes. This is the Marsk – Mineral Eyeshadow in the color You’re Toast. Cute name! To be honest, I’m not jumping to try this out. It seems a little too loose of an eyeshadow for my personal liking. Maybe with a spritz of MAC’s Fix+ I could thicken it up but I was not instantly impressed. I could possibly use it for an upper cheekbone highlight but we will see! This products retails at $24.00 full size which is .47oz.

November Glossybox 9
Last but not least the Beauty For Real – D-Fine Perfect Lip Pencil. I LOVE that they give lip products in most boxes because I am a total lip junkie. However, I feel like I am receiving the same variation of liner colors over and over again. It’s always a neutral brown-ish to pink-ish looking color. I am not completely disappointed because I truly do use them all but different shades here and there would be nice! Full size costs $14 and I did receive the full size!

November Glossy Box

LOVE the facial sheet, lip liner and anti-aging cream! Though I didn’t particularly dislike the rest of the products, I was not totally excited for the hand cream and eyeshadow. But 3 out of 5 is not bad!

Overall thought?
This box was somewhat underwhelming and anticlimactic, I am never this let down. This usually is not the case so I hope this post doesn’t steer you away from joining Glossybox because I’ve almost hit the 2 year mark and haven’t cancelled yet! However, I did want to give an honest review for you guys!. Hopefully December’s box is amazing; I know it will be with their special edition box of all full size products!

I spend $21 per month for my subscription. For the sample + full sized products I received in this box were worth about $40 (give or take) of products this month! Still a great deal, as always!!

Do you have Glossybox??


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