Nail Polish Rack 3In my beauty book, nail Polish is 100% the most enjoyable item to purchase! You know you have a real obsession when you buy a polish that you already have, forgetting that you already have it. Even worse, when you do that twice and now you own 3 of the same color! Yep, that has happened to me. The minute that happened I said, “Des, get your sh*t together”.

I purchased my salon-looking nail polish rack almost two years ago and I have been obsessed with it ever since! I just purchased a second one which I desperately needed considering my first one filled up so quickly. All of my other polishes have been sitting in empty boxes probably feeling completely neglected, LOL!

Nail Polish RackThe rack I purchased was from Amazon and was super inexpensive; I am really happy with the quality! I am still in the process of getting my beauty room/closet together after buying a new house and I have not decided where I am going to hang it so that’s why it is sitting on the floor!

QUICK TIP: I know this looks like a crap load of nail polish but most people (like me) don’t realize how many they actually have. Using a rack is the best form of storage for nail polish because it keeps the bottle in an upright position. You should put your rack (whether it be on your desk or hung on your wall) in a cool, dry area that is out of the sun!

Below I am listing the rack that I purchased but I am also including other options if you are interested!

What do YOU use for nail polish storage? Try one of these racks, it’s life changing!

Nail Polish Rack Options:
Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Rack (mine) – HERE
Black Metal 6 Tier Nail Polish Rack – HERE
Acrylic Counter Nail Polish Holder – HERE
Black Metal 3 Tier Table Top Nail Polish Holder – HERE
8 Tier Metal Table Top Nail Polish Rack – HERE

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1 comment on “Nail Polish Obsession + Storage!”

  1. I have done the same thing. I’m obsessed with nail polish and end up buying the same colors more than once. Currently, I store my polishes in a bin with a lid under my bed. It does the trick. Otherwise, the kids would get into them and only God knows what my house would look like if they did. I love your collection!

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