How to use the Marc Jacobs Glow StickAs you may have noticed, the highlighting and “strobing” technique has changed the game in most makeup artists’ routine for quite some time now. I mean, how could it not? Highlighting the high points on my face to accentuate them and make them pop is definitely a must for me. Influenster sent me the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick complimentary for review purposes and I am not upset about it!

In this post I’m going to swatch and review the product and at the end I will show you where exactly I like to apply highlighters like this one!

3At first glance, the packaging is so chic. But then again, all of Marc’s packaging is. It’s a twist up, cream stick that glides on smooth like butta! Because of the packaging and formula, it makes it really easy to travel with. Sometimes, I don’t like to put powder-form makeup in my bag with me incase it breaks and ruins my purse.  Ok, so lets talk formula. It’s a cream formula that makes it extremely easy to apply. It’s very smooth but provides the right amount of luminosity and radiance that I love in a highlighter. While wearing it, I never felt like the creaminess was too much or too thick. It is very thin which is amazing. It also never felt sticky which happens a lot with cream highlighters!

Marc Jacobs highlighter with and without flash

The color reminds me of pearls and who doesn’t love the color of a pearl? It almost has a very fine gold hue to it even though it’s primarily a silver toned color. I really feel like this color would look amazing on any skin tone from very pale to very dark. One very important factor for me is, longevity. This highlighter lasted about 6-8 hours depending how heavy I applied.


I have applied this glow stick in many different ways. The way it is shaped fits perfect on my cheekbone where I prefer to highlight, so I have definitely used it with direct application from the stick. Majority of the time I use my finger but I have dabbed a stippling brush on it, used it with a regular fluffy brush, and almost always use a fine, small brush to apply it on the tip of my nose, bridge of my nose and inner corner of my eyes.

Where I like to apply? And why….

Where to put Marc Highlighter1. Left and Right side of forehead – I only do this sometimes if I know I will be outside, to give me that summer glow.
2. Under my eyebrows – I do this to accentuate an arched brow and create a more defined look.
3. Inner corners of my eyes – This is another location that I only do sometimes based on what my eye makeup looks like but I definitely do it more times than not! Adding a highlighter to the inner part of the eye can brighten up your eyes and really open them up!

214. Upper cheekbones – I ALWAYS highlight my upper cheekbones to make them pop and make it look like I actually have defined cheekbones, LOL!
5. Down the bridge of my nose – Personally, I just like how this looks when I contour my nose. It does add to making it look a little skinnier but I don’t naturally have a wide set bridge so I just do this for a completed look.
 6. Tip of my nose – I have a very round tip nose so adding a highlight tricks the eye, giving it a more pointy look.
7. Cupids bow of my lip – I have mentioned this before but highlighting the cupids bow of your lip creates a “heart shaped” appearance and accentuates the natural curves of your lip.


Overall, I love THIS glow stick! Because of the price of this highlighter, I normally would not have purchased it. It is on the expensive side and highlighters one product that there are many dupes of, for a much cheaper price! But I do want to thank Influenster for sending it to me complimentary because it opened my eyes to how awesome some products are if you just spend a little bit more money. The product is definitely worth the money and you truly get a lot of product for the price. I would definitely consider repurchasing this item after I run out!

Do you guys like to highlight/strobe? What products are your favorite!?
Get this Marc Jacobs highlighter HERE or you can sign up for Influenster RIGHT HERE to start reviewing products so you can receive some luxury products too!


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1 comment on “Marc Jacobs Glow Stick | SWATCH, REVIEW, + APPLICATION!”

  1. Putting highlighter on the tip of your nose can make it look pointier?! Will need to remove this step from my makeup routine ASAP…. 😂😂

    When you rub the cream stick directly on your cheekbone does it pick up your foundation/face powder and get all dirty?

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