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As a kid, blush always reminded me of something only a grandmother should be wearing. The older I got, I noticed how it can really accentuate the apples of your cheeks and give some color where color is needed! Back in January, I realized I didn’t have any blushes at all. So naturally, I went blush crazy.

I purchased 10 blush pans from Makeup Geek Cosmetics and put them in a Z-palette. Z-palettes are magnet cases to hold makeup pans so you don’t have a ton of individual items. They are key for storing and staying organized.

Blush compact – $12.99
Blush Pan – $9.99
The difference between a compact and a pan is the case it comes in. Compacts come individually inside a plastic case wich is mostly what you would see in stores. If you order the pans, it is basically a refill for compacts you have run out of or can be combined to make one large palette.

I do not have any blushes in compact form so I cannot comment on the packaging but it looks super cute!

Here are the ones I purchased!

Morphe Brushes BLUSHES

Morphe Brushes BLUSH swatches

Keep in mind that they should not appear on your face the same as they look on my arm. I went heavy for the sake of showing them to you.

As I said above these blushes are very pigmented which can be scary but also a good thing! Since they are so pigmented, you don’t need as much product on your brush. A little bit  goes a long way.

I have yet to use love affair, summer fling, or first love. I’m not going to lie, they intimidate me. First love seems way too light for something I should be wearing as blush, I worry it will wash me out. Love affair and summer fling are just, wow. They are intense. I suppose with a light hand they will look amazing. I just need to man up and do it!

Spell Bound

Overall, I’m really impressed with these blushes and I don’t think I’ll have to purchase any for quite some time. There is such a range to choose from so I’m sure you can find something that will look good on you.

Makeup Geek Blushes HERE
Z Palettes HERE or HERE

Anyway, how about a hair tutorial next!? I’ve been talking all about skin and makeup and not enough about hair! Comment below and tell me some of your suggestions!
Stay Beautiful <3
xoxo des

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