I always think there should be no rules in makeup, however, I definitely believe in following certain guidelines to help you look and feel your best! Many of us have experimented with our makeup in ways that have left us looking orange, washed out, cakey, and overdone. Below are some makeup do’s and dont’s that I find helpful and hope that will help you too!


  • DO use a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. When I say exactly, I mean exactly. The best idea is for you to try on the foundation at the store prior to purchasing it. To test it, you should apply the foundation on your cheek past your jaw. Clearly you won’t be wearing it on your neck, but you just want to make sure it matches and looks natural.
  • DO use some kind of foundation or primer on your eyelid. If you aren’t wearing any eye shadow then use foundation. Doing this will even the skin tone and hide those veins you might see! If you are wearing eye shadow, you should use a primer. This works perfectly to keep the shadow vibrant and long lasting.
  • DO use colors on your face that are complimentary. Think of your makeup as an outfit for your face. Your eye shadow, blush, and lip color should all compliment each other. Make sure everything is in the same color family.
  • DO use professional makeup brushes. You will be surprised at how beautiful your make up will look when you apply it with a high-quality brush rather than a tiny cheap applicator that breaks after the first use. Investing in a set of good brushes is one of the wisest beauty moves you can make.
  • DO contour and highlight your makeup. This enhances bone structure and can hide your least favorite attributes. Find out how I contour and highlight here – How To Highlight & Contour Your Face.

Makeup DONTS

  • DON’T wear full makeup everyday. It really isn’t necessary to wear a full face all day everyday. Consider a simple look for your daily life. If you are wearing a complete look every single day, it won’t be as exciting when you have a fun night out!
  • DON’T skip the lip color. Adding a pop of lipstick or gloss can brighten up your look. Experiment to see what colors look best for you. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring. Lipstick can be the most fun part of your look!
  • DON’T over do mascara. Clumped mascara is distracting and messy looking. The worst mistake you can make is to apply mascara over day old, already dried mascara. Not only is this unhealthy for your lashes but doing so clumps the lashes together making it look like you have less lashes.
  • DON’T overdo your eyebrows. Seriously, don’t. The thick eyebrow is a trend right now, but unfortunately some ladies have taken this look to the extreme. Personally, the only time I make my brows extra thick is when I need to get them done and I’m trying to hide unwanted hairs. Brows that are drawn and too thick can age you.
  • DON’T go to sleep with makeup on, ever. This is bad, bad, bad! We all have those nights where we forget—especially when we drink too much—but you should try your hardest to fully wash, exfoliate, and hydrate your face at night. Not only for obvious reasons such as clogging your pores, but skipping this nightly routine can lead to inflammation which leads to collagen breakdown. This can make your skin age faster than you realize.

    Xoxo, D

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