Hi everyone! Today is a post for all my fellow bloggers that follow me! I know how hard it can be to market yourself and grow your brand. If you are on Instagram and trying to market and grow your following, you might want to take a peek at something I’m so excited to share with you! …

Are You Following LOOPAWAY LADIES!?

My girl Amanda, [Amanda-bella] and I are SO excited to introduce you to Loopaway Ladies — an Instagram project that we’ve been working on for a long while now! 

We wanted to create a fun, positive, engaging environment where bloggers, boutiques, and shops alike can grow their businesses and connect with others through exclusive, targeted loop giveaways [if you’re unfamiliar with a loop giveaway click here to learn more]. However, we’re not hosting your typical “loops”…

These loops will not be open to everyone – they’re specifically designed for business or brands with an online presence. With that said, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out + don’t have a following, but it does matter that you’ve got something to offer!

We will be hosting loops that cater to all kinds of industries + interests so that you can signup for the ones that are most relevant for you + your brand! Our main goal is to help people expose their accounts to those who’d be most interested in them. :)

Now we’re not just going to host a contest + send you on your way; we’ve got a ton of social media tips to share as well – we’re going to help you with all things Instagram! We want you to be able to engage your new followers + keep them. We have a strong passion for supporting others because we have seen first hand what a genuine partnership can do!

If you’re interested in participating in a loop or just learning more about them, check out our new Instagram account – we’ll be sharing updates frequently + breaking it alllllllllll down over there! :)

XOXO – Amanda + Des

A short example of how marketing and partnerships work:
I have only lived in Connecticut for 3 years and Amanda, her whole life. We met on twitter, actually, thru a mutual friend of ours. After weeks of twitter talk we finally decided to meet up and talk blogs! We completely hit it off and I now have someone in my life who not only shares the same passion for blogging as I do, but someone who I can actually sit back and laugh with!

Social media is a powerful thing and you never know where it can take you! Be friendly, reach out, join groups, AND MARKET YOURSELF! You got this, and we are so happy to be here to help you!

Check out our new Instagram HERE and follow along for this amazing ride!
LoopAway Ladies!

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