Kabuki Brushes
Kabuki brushes are super popular right now and I’m definitely one who has jumped on that band wagon! They are a type of makeup brush with short stems and dense bristles to achieve various looks. The brush head ranges from flat to round with tapered and angled in between.

I was browsing on Amazon a couple months ago and came across this cute little bag of 10 Kabuki Brushes from Lamora Beauty for $35. I’m thinking, “Okay these must be poor quality because that’s like, $3.50 per brush”. I figured, $40 bucks? What’s the worst that could happen? I’d rather try these before I shell out $180 for a 10 piece set from somewhere else. So, being the impulse buyer I am, I had to get them.

I was SHOCKED when they came in. They arrived in a cute little makeup bag which is always fun for me considering I travel often and I never seem to have enough makeup bags. I was mostly surprised because of the quality. They felt pretty damn close to the Sigma brushes I have and I got 10 of these for the price of 1 Sigma! Inside the bag came 5 large kabuki brushes and 5 small ones. The small ones are actually just a smaller version of the large sized ones. These brushes have synthetic hair (totally cruelty-free for you vegan babes), and they were created to apply cream, powder, or liquid products perfectly. They apply so well, they literally feel like heaven on my face!

Side Note: Something to consider while buying brushes for your face, especially kabuki; they should be synthetic bristles verses real hair. Brushes that are made with human hair grab and absorb a lot of your product which actually wastes it in the end. You will find yourself dipping for more and more because all of it is trapped inside the bristles.

These brushes are extremely soft for being synthetic. None of them are labeled for specific parts of your face which could get confusing for people who are not familiar with these types of brushes.  I have yet to find use for the smaller brushes but I just HAD to share these with you because you cannot beat the quality for the price!

Kabuki 3This is the Flat Kabuki T01. This brush is typically used for foundation application which blends really well to the skin.  I definitely use this brush for foundation. I also like to spray a little Mac Fix+ on the brush to achieve a more dewy look to my foundation.

Kabuki 2This is the Flat Angled Kabuki T04. This can also be used for foundation as well. This brush is great for around the harder to reach edges of the face such as the nose or around the mouth without any absorption of product. I use this for my favorite cream bronzer that I mentioned in my last post! Product Rant! #Chanel.

Kabuki 5Round Kabuki T02. This brush is great for a powder foundation or powder finish. You would use circular motions to blend powder into your skin. I rarely use powder foundations and use a different brush for setting powder so I have actually been using this brush to blend my self tanning foam. Weird, I know. But I couldn’t just leave it hanging, right!?

Kabuki 4This is the Angled Round Kabuki T03. This brush is the perfect one for blush or bronzer! You could also use it for cream bronzer as well but I choose to just use it for blush which works perfectly. The soft bristles allow the product to be applied with a gentle touch that is not too harsh!

Kabuki 6This is the Tapered Kabuki T05. I am in LOVE with this brush. It is the best brush I have used to set my under eye concealer. It can also be used to contour which I have used it for but I am currently only using it to set my eyes.

Kabuki 7So there are all of the brushes that come in the bag! To be honest, they are so worth the money, I am completely obsessed! HERE are the brushes if you are interested in purchasing them. They were too amazing not to share with you!! I hope you enjoy!

Lamora 10 piece Kabuki Brush Set


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