What's in my IPSY glambagFor the last two full years I have been a faithful subscription holder of Glossy Box ($20 monthly). I was itching to try something new so I decided to subscribe to the Ipsy Glam Bag ($10 monthly). Quick story, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription, where you get a cute little package delivered to your door each month with deluxe and sometimes full size beauty products. Same concept as Glossy Box but Ipsy is more unique because it comes in a little makeup bag that you keep. They’re always adorable.

I joined Ipsy in January but wanted to feel it out for a while before I gave my honest review.

This months theme was “Destination Chic” and I really loved the actual bag. Mine was blue but a friend who also subscribes got purple! I thought the makeup bag itself was so adorable. I love the little pictures and how they represent everywhere in the world. Loving the cute little Buddha!
Ipsy Glam Bag MAY
The Goods in my IPSY may Glambag1. Vera Mona – Eye Smudger Brush $8.50
Product 1This brush is most known for the Color Switch Sponge by Vera Mona, as it comes with the sponge when you buy it. I actually really like this brush because I think it is the ideal brush to get a smokey eye. It is very thin and dense so the bristles do not move too much. It allows you to tight line with black eye shadow around your eye but then blend it out to get that super smokey look. I’m super excited to use it! It is a Vegan brush which I think is awesome!

2. Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. $7.50 (Original Size = $22)
Product 2I am ALWAYS down for a new mascara, especially one from an amazing company. I love smashbox and have not tried this mascara yet so I’m excited to dig in and try it. I opened it and the bristles of the brush are exactly what I look for in a mascara so I can already tell I’m going to love it.

3. Glamour Dolls – Gloss Snob in the color Twirl. $1.99
Product 3I’m always excited to see a new gloss because I never buy them, getting them in these bags are fun. When I looked up the product online, I noticed the price and instantly thought, “Whaaaat $2, really?!” And not in a good way. Usually makeup that is so inexpensive like that, is usually makeup I do not want to be wearing. Come to find out, Glamour Dolls is cruelty free and pretty legit, just very inexpensive which is awesome! As for the color, it’s a little on the barbie pink side for me but I tried it on without makeup so I need to give this babe a fair shot in the future!

4. Nots – 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser $6.75 (Full size = $27)
Product 4I mean, obviously the first thing I saw was “acne” .. and you know me with my skincare so I was excited. Definitely excited to find out the results of this product. It smells super good, so I’m going to have to read some reviews and try it out!

5. Glamglow Super Mud Clearing Treatment $13 (Full Size = $70)
Product 5If you follow this blog, or know me at all, you know I am OBSESSED with Glamglow and the Super Mud is definitely my favorite. I already own this but I am not even mad that I received it because it is so damn expensive! The supply you get for $70 is not a lot so I was excited to receive this. I use this mud once every 2 weeks when my skin is at its worst and it totally changes it! I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little clearing treatment on their skin!

ValueThe total cost of what I received in this bag (in sample size form) is around $40.00. I’d say that’s pretty good for only paying $10 monthly! I just think receiving a little monthly subscription of something you love is so much fun. I did like this bag but have loved others a little bit more. Can’t wait to see what comes in Junes bag! Favorite part of joining Ipsy …. being able to actually keep the bags! We all know I could use some storage of some kind!

Do you belong to any subscriptions?

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8 comments on “IPSY Glam Bag | May “Unbagging” + Review”

  1. I love ipsy but my bag this month was so-so. The smashbox mascara I got is amazing! But i would have loved to try that mud treatment! I received yet another eyeshadow. I need to change my settings.

    • Yeah, I definitely felt the same. I have loved other bags a little but more. I did love the bag itself though! Can’t wait to try the Smashbox mascara. I can’t stand receiving eyeshadows — but the glamglow is DEFINITELY a good pickup whether you get it in a bag or buy it yourself. XO!!

  2. Des!
    Mia and I do the Ipsy bag too and we love it. Mia got a pink bag and i was so jealous lol because I got purple. But I love it. they send me hair products and make up I would never dream of purchasing in a store. I highly recommend it! So glad you did a blog on this :)

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