Hi Guys! So as I was braiding my hair the other day I thought, how annoying it would be if I didn’t know how to braid. Its literally SO convenient to just throw your hair in a little braid when you don’t feel like doing anything else. Then it occurred to me, some people really don’t know how to braid. I love braiding my hair whether it be a side braid, or a top knot braid, or a braided bang look. I thought I would search and try to find out how I can get something that looks like a braid but doesn’t actually take braiding to create. Below I will show you how I got my thick looking two-strand braid! I clipped in my extensions to make this braid look much thicker.

What You Need:
10 elastics bands
A comb
A Brush
A Curling Iron

First, tease your hair to create some height. Then choose the side you want your braid to be on and brush it gently so its smooth.

Pull out the pieces you want to leave out. You will be curling them at the end! Next you’re going to separate your hair into two equal sections.

Now your going to take the section that is in the front and tie an elastic where you want your braid to start. For me, I wanted it to be super loose so I started it pretty low. If you have shorter hair you should tie your elastic higher. After that, split the hair above the elastic so it creates a hole.

Pull the hair that isn’t in the elastic through the hole. You will want to pull the hair from the back to the front and not the opposite. Now, the section that was in the back has become the front section. Tie an elastic on the section of hair that you have just pulled through the hole.

After you have pulled your hair through and tied it, you will repeat those steps until you have reached the end of your hair.

When you are finished your hair will look something like this. But, we’re not done!!

From top to bottom and then bottom to top, you’re going to carefully pull the sides of the braid so it loosens and creates a thicker look. Keep doing this until you have reached the thickness that you want.

If you have layered hair like me, you will have hair that doesn’t stay in the braid. Take that hair, pull it around to the braid and pin it in with bobby pins. Last, take the hair that you have left out of the braid and curl it! You can leave it straight if you want but I think it completes the look so I chose to curl it!

And wallah! Here is the final look!
How tricky right? Totally looks like a braid!

Though I know how to braid, I have been finding myself using this pull-through braid more often than actual braids because it keeps my hair in! My hair is so layered, and with the extensions it always falls out of the braid! So I hope you love this look as much I do!

Favorite Makeup Used Today:

ELF Concealer – HERE
Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter – HERE
Too Faced Better Than Sex – HERE
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette – HERE
Mac Melba Blush – HERE
BELLAMI LILLY 260g Extensions – HERE


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