HOW TO: Prep your lips for matte lipstick!

Matte lipsticks are definitely my favorite. I’m actually not sure why because I have the world’s worst chapped lips! If I’m being honest with you, I have a terrible addiction to picking my lips.  Chapped lips + matte lipstick does not equal a pretty outcome. Matte lipsticks are very drying allowing for longevity. Call me crazy, but I plan my makeup looks in advance according to my plans so I usually have time to do a little preparation if I am wearing a one of my matte lipsticks! A week long preparation is not needed, it’s just what I like to do since my lips are terribly chapped! There are a few things you can do before wearing a matte lip that will help give a flawless finish. Here are my two super important steps that help keep my matte lipstick the most beautiful looking!

Exfoliate! This is something you should do every once and a while but is also something that will definitely help get rid of chapped lips. Exfoliating your lips brings out fresh, new skin which aids in making them soft and smooth. Another advantage of exfoliating is it will help lip cosmetics adhere so much better. You will notice your lipsticks and glosses going on a lot easier making them more effective and long lasting! I like to exfoliate once per week, although I should consider doing it more, LOL! My top 3 favorite lip exfoliators are: BLISS – Fabulips Sugar Lip ScrubTarte Cosmetics Marcuja Lip Exfoliant … and Fresh Sugar Lip Polish! If lip scrubs are not what you choose to spend your moola on, you can honestly use honey + some brown sugar and it works like a charm!

Moisturize + Hydrate!Hydrating is the most important thing you can do to prepare your lips for matte lip products! As I said above, matte lip products are pretty drying (some more than others) and will remove any moisture to your lips just to be able to keep the lipstick long lasting! I moisturize every single night regardless if I am wearing matte lips or not! I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment before bed which literally repairs my lips during my 8 hours of sleeping. It says it is used for dry, cracked, irritated skin and nothing I have ever tried has worked like this does. (Not even the Aquaphor Lip Repair Version). During the day my favorite lip balm is the Bite Beauty Agava Lip Mask. I also use Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intense Oil here and there. My favorite drug store brand is Maybelline Baby Lips which has never failed me! An oldie, but such a goodie! Moisturizer needs some time to sink into the lips, so, wear your moisturizer for a couple hours before wearing your matte lipstick!

My most important tip while wearing matte lips: DRINK OUT OF STRAWS! (LOL!) Otherwise, they can clump up and look extremely funny!

That’s it for my two super important steps! Keep in mind that matte lips really intensify any cracks in the lips so be aware of that. Now your lips are prepared and ready for your favorite matte color!

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