HOW TO Clean your fake lashes!
If I am out & about with makeup on, 9/10 I am wearing false eyelashes. Natural lashes are wonderful but I love adding some drama to my lashes!

I try and get as many wears out of my lashes as I can. Today’s post is all about how I like to clean my false lashes and keep them lasting as long as possible!
Items needed to clean your fake lashes!Gather your items! All you need is some eye makeup remover, a few q-tips, a pair of tweezers, a paper towel, and of course, your lashes!

Tweezers with the finest/pointiest tip will work the best!

Cleaning your false lashes step 1Step One: Pour some makeup remover in the cap. It’s easier that way! Dip the Q-tip into the makeup remover until it is soaking wet.

Any makeup remover will do. I find that it is much easier to use an oil based makeup remover than oil-free. The oil helps to remove/loosen the glue! I usually get mine from Target which was around $4.99.

Cleaning your false lashes Step 2Step Two: Take the (soaked in oil) Q-tip and rub along the lash line of the lashes. I like to repeat this set 3-4 times until I feel like the glue is completely saturated and starts to slowly loosen.

Cleaning your false lashes step 3 Cleaning your false lashes step 5Step Three: Take your tweezers and start to pull away the glue at the lash line of the lashes. You want to be VERY careful while doing this because this is where you can rip apart the entire lash.

Which is exactly what happened to me below and I had to start all over! 
The NO-NO's while cleaning false lashes!

Cleaning your false lashes step 6
Step Four: After you have removed most of (if not all) the glue, you can lightly dip another Q-tip in the remover and remove some of the built up mascara that has accumulated on the eyelash. Simply run your Q-tip in strokes going from the lash line of the eyelashes to the tips of the lashes.

You never want to go in the direction towards the lash line, that will only ruin your lashes and cause damage to them!

Before + After of cleaning your fake lashes!Doing this to your lashes every 2-3 wears really helps them to last a lot longer. Removing the glue will help create a more flawless + natural look when you apply them!

How do you like to keep your false lashes clean?
How many wears do you get out of them!?

Products Mentioned: 
Q-tips: HERE or HERE
Makeup Remover: HERE or HERE
Tweezers: HERE, HERE and HERE
Favorite Lashes: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE
Another really great lash lineHouse of Lashes

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3 comments on “HOW TO | Keep Your False Lashes Lasting Longer!”

  1. This is so simple, but I am so glad you posted this! I wear false lashes for the stage and I go through them SO fast! Maybe I won’t have to buy a new pair every weekend now!!!

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