Keep Your Brow Game Strong 1It’s no secret that I negatively obsess over my eyebrows. I have waxed, threaded, plucked and overused Nair to a point of no return and I’m pretty sure I damaged too many follicles along the way. Ironically, the best part is that my eyebrows are my favorite part of my makeup when I am done getting my glam on!

As I quickly mentioned in a previous post, I recently became a free-lance artist for Anastasia Beverly Hills. (The Queen of Brow Application). This was a dream come true because Anastasia products were the only products I used on my brows for a solid 4 years now! So I thought, what better time to share with you what I have learned plus what I know about creating my perfect brow!

Whether you have amazing brows or not, they could always use some sort of perfectioning and filling in! The first thing you should know is that there are 3 points of your eyebrow that can give you a guide as to where your eyebrow should start, end, and where your arch should be! Proportionally, you should follow these points to create the perfect brow shape for your face. You would really be surprised at how much your forehead will allow for you to have the correct size eyebrow. I know it can be hard feeling like you have drawn on too big of a brow! But don’t get carried away, LOL! (See the picture below of those points).

Eyebrow PointsFirst Point of your Eyebrow Second Point Of Your Eyebrow This Point Of The Eyebrow
Once you have that guideline drawn on your brow, you can start to create your shape! Since I know my brow and what works for me, I go right in with my Dipbrow Pomade in the color Medium Brown and begin creating my shape. This pomade is very loose, extremely easy to manipulate, and almost too easy to get heavy-handed with it. For those who are a little bit inexperienced, I would recommend the Brow Wiz or the Perfect Brow Pencil. With my Duo Brush #12, I will dip that lightly in my Pomade and draw the outline of my brow. (See picture below of the outline).

Eyebrow Outline

Once I have my outline, I will go in again with my Dip Brow or Brow Wiz/Pencil and lightly shade in the center of the brow. I always leave the center for last. Just personal preference! At the end, I will lightly blend the lines upwards filling it in little by little! Sooner than later my eyebrow shape is completed and I can repeat the last steps! When I am completed I will take my Pro Pencil in the color Base 1 and outline the top of my brow! After that I will take my Duo Highlighting Pencil Camille/Sand using the Sand color and highlight the underneath of my brow! I will then take my Duo Brush #20 and blend out those highlights to really draw out my eyebrow! Lastly, I will set with a light powder to dull them out which prevents them from looking to harsh! Again, just personal preference! (See picture below of before the highlight and the final look of my completed eyebrow).

Highlighting the EyebrowKeep Your Eyebrow Game Strong End ResultSo, thats my brow process that I am slowly perfecting day by day! I wanted to share with you guys because amazing brows bring me lifeeee! Thanks for reading today, I hope you found this post a helpful guide and you can soon start perfecting your perfect brow! (Can you count how many times I said brow? LOL!).

What are YOUR favorite brow products!?


Products Mentioned: 
DipBrow Pomade: HERE
Brow Wiz: HERE
Perfect Brow Pencil: HERE
Duo Brush #12: HERE
Dup Brush #20: HERE
Pro Pencil: HERE
Duo Highlighting Pencil: HERE

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