Tattoo Cover Up Before and AfterI get it, why would you get a tattoo if you are going to cover it up? Sometimes you might want to cover it for an occasion, or for work. I have 7 tattoos and I am not ashamed of them by any means but I wanted to cover one tattoo on my forearm right under my elbow for my wedding day. I have always viewed my wedding day as such a delicate moment, that I wanted to look delicate as well. I ended up not finding the right product to cover my arm tat which turned out okay because lets face it, it was the LAST thing on my mind that day.

So I got to thinking… (hahaha I’m totally kidding, I just had to say that because Carrie Bradshaw says it at least twice in every episode of Sex and the City, LOL!!) But since the time has passed from my wedding, I did wonder if I could find an inexpensive way to cover tattoos.

before tattoo cover up

After Tattoo Coverup
I don’t want to go too much into detail, but I will tell you what you need! You can do this without spending huge bucks because you probably have 95% of the items already. You will need a bright orange/pink eye shadow. They have super cheap individual eye shadows at drugstores. You would use orange if you are darker skinned and pink if you are lighter. For application, use the cheap eye shadow applicator that comes inside the eye shadows. The spongy part is perfect for coverage! You will also need concealer. Foundation is okay, but it’s not as thick as concealer which may not cover as well. You will need 3-5 layers depending on the darkness of your tattoo, so be patient! More is better! Next you will need hairspray in between each layer of product to lock it in and dry it out. Let it completely dry before you apply the next layer. Lastly, grab your setting powder and dust some over your covered tattoo to set it and remove the tacky feeling!

Below is a video tutorial on how I covered my tattoo! 
Please excuse my camera going in and out of focus.
I didn’t realize I had Auto Focus on. Whoops!

Hope you enjoyed!
Please leave comments down below if there is anything you would like to see a video tutorial of! I need some ideas!

Products Used:
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer HERE
BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eye shadow Palette HERE
TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray HERE


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