I have been wanting to talk about my favorite topic forever!! Contour and Highlighting! This is my absolute favorite thing to do when I am doing my makeup. Though, the process is a little long, its so much fun! Once you have found a foundation and concealer that you love, you can add an extra dose of gorgeousness by learning how to highlight your best features and contour your not-so-favorite features.

So what is the point of contouring and highlighting? Highlighting creates a subtle illusion of a glow hitting the parts of your face that are naturally prone to capturing light. Also known as your T-Zone. This adds light under your eyes, down your nose, in between your eyebrows, just above your cupids bow, and in the center of your chin. Contouring is a great fix to add dimension to a flat looking foundation. It also helps to narrow your nose, bring out the shape of your cheekbones, and gives extra depth.

What is the basic rule of thumb? When deciding which colors are best for contouring and highlighting you should go two shades up and two shades down. Personally, I pick an extremely light highlight and as well as a pretty dark contour. But I have done so many trial and errors, now I know what is best for my face. If you are not experienced, two shades up and two shades down is a perfect start. The contrast in colors will go together very nicely and create a sexy sculptured look.

Why is blending so important? Considering you are using different shades to create your final look, this means you have to blend, blend, blend and keep blending until you think you’ve done it too much! After applying your foundation, your highlight, and your contour, the most important thing you want to avoid is those harsh lines. If you don’t blend properly you will look like you’re walking around with war paint on, which is no good! Your final look should be obvious but subtle.

[Here are a few pictures of how I personally like to highlight and contour my face]

Highlight & Contour 2 Highlight & Contour 3
Highlight & contour 1 Highlight & Contour 4

I just want to add a few tips from my personal experience really quick! I have bought several contour and highlight palette, sticks, and compacts. If you are using all liquid based products, make sure you are using a setting powder to set the liquid. I have noticed that if I didn’t use it or simply forgot, my face looked very oily and was left dewy and sticky. What has worked best for me is a neutral brown shadow. For this post I decided to use my Bobbi Brown foundation stick in the color warm almond. This is not a color I usually use, It is a bit orange for my liking! I just used it because it showed up really well for the pictures. I recently ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette which are powders and I am completely obsessed. They have several colors to choose from to mix and match your own custom palette. As far as the highlight, I did try and use powder highlighters however, I don’t feel like it did what I was looking for. My all-time favorite highlighter is the MAC Prep and Prime in the color Light Boost which I used for this post. I do use a light powder over my highlighter, just to set it and complete the look. 

In later blog posts, I will focus on contouring specific parts of my face such as the nose, cheekbones, and jaw area. Comment if you would like to see anything specific!

Xoxo D

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7 comments on “HOW TO | Contour And Highlight Your Face!”

  1. Hi Des! I love this thanks for the write up on how to contour. I have a few questions. Do you recommend any brushes to use for blending? Also, do you blend the highlighter and foundation together or just do whatever works until everything looks good? Thsnkd !

    • Hi Jamie!! Yes, I do reccommend brushes! I actually use a brush from E.L.F that I use to blend my highlighter and contour, it works wonders!! I’m actually going to post about it very soon! And I usually put foundation on with my highlighter over it and blend! :) XO

    • You should try and find a highlighter that is a little bit lighter than your skin tone! It will give it dimension and look really nice!

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