1The same day I filmed a HOW TO: “Faux Bob” Tutorial, I decided to film a braided tutorial as well (which explains the same outfit and background setup). The braid I am showing you today is called the “Chain Braid”, for the simple fact, it looks like a chain. (Was that obvious? I wasn’t sure, LOL). I saw this braid on YouTube on LuxyHair’s channel. Her hair tutorials are so amazing! Check her out.

This braid is so unique and seems impossible to achieve but actually its very easy. I love different looking hairstyles that you don’t see often so that’s why I decided on this look! To my people who are terrible at braiding, this one is for you!

The most important tip to remember while doing this braid:
(and I am going to try and explain this as easy as possible) If you are twisting your individual strands to the left, then you MUST twist them to the right when you bring them together. Does that make sense? It sounds annoyingly confusing but hopefully you can see what I am talking about in my video. If you twist everything in the same direction the braid will not hold and it will all blend together or fall out!


Here is the video down below!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed and find this braid easy! (Though it looks complicated!)
Give me some ideas for other braids or hair tutorials!

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