Today I filmed how I fill in my eyebrows. Now let me start off by saying my eyebrows are the worlds worst brows. Like, ever. They are just absolutely terrible in every way possible. They are two different lengths, sizes, and they are completely uneven. One is higher up on my forehead than the other, its a mess. I also need to point out, that when I draw them in, I draw them according to each brow and they are still different looking when I am done. That’s how I like it and everyone is going to be different. It takes a long time to figure out what the right product is and the right color to use. But I hope that I can at least help you just a little bit with this post!




The ONLY brow products I use and have for 3 years now is by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This has been the only product that has worked for me personally, you may find better for you! It took me a long time to find a great eyebrow product and I should probably thank my mom for introducing me to it. SO, THANKS MA! Anastasia is a product that is on the pricey side but I’m telling you its worth it. They have many different product options and colors for brows depending on what you like.

I won’t go through the step by step process of what I do to fill in my brows because you can see it in the video. However, I do want to point out that after I am done, I always blend out the look with the eyebrow brush so its not as harsh looking. I also like to use a very light matte eye shadow to dull and blend out my eyebrows that gives it a softer appeal. I don’t mind people knowing that I filled them in, but I definitely don’t want to look clown-like or too false and this helps a ton!

I use the color Medium Brown which is actually lighter than my natural brow hair. If I go darker it looks like I tattooed them on and I’m not feeling that look. I also like it lighter because I extend my brows in the center to make them look longer so with a lighter color it gives it an ombré effect which also helps to not have such a false looking brow. Here are the products I own and love, if you like them as well, the picture takes you right to the product!

The Brow Wiz.
This is the product I used in the video and the one I use the most. It’s absolutely amazing!

The Dipbrow Pomade.
This is my second favorite. I sometimes like to use the brow wiz to draw my lines and fill it in with the pomade and it gives it a really nice look.

The Brow Pencil.
I used the pencil religiously but switched to the brow wiz for a more defined look. It’s still the same product, just in a different form. It all depends on preference!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it beneficial. I know everyone’s eyebrows are going to be different, but its all about trial and error and what works for you!


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13 comments on “HOW TO | Filling in my eyebrows!”

  1. Your brows sound just like mine and mine are so sparse lol! I *still* haven’t found the right shade but the colour I’m using atm isn’t too bad. I’ve been wanting to try the dipbrow pomade but was worried about which shade to get. With it being not exactly cheap, I didn’t want to get the wrong shade.

    • Finding a shade can be so tricky! The dipbrow is amazing because it lasts forrrreeevvverrr, not even kidding. I own medium brown which is dark but it’s all about how you apply it. Putting some powder in them at the end really helps to dull the darkness and not make it look so harsh! Xo

      • Thanks so much for your tips! Harsh – that’s the problem that I have! I love the brow kit I have (it’s by Seventeen) but, even though it matches my eyebrows, once I’ve put the pencil, wax and setting powder on, it always looks too harsh! I am about to order the dipbrow and brow wiz both in medium ash brown but I was wondering if maybe I should order one lighter than the other?

        Ps: If you’ve got this comment several times, I’m sorry, WordPress app kept telling me there was an error.

  2. Considering you said your eyebrows are goals they’d probably be my goals aha. Seriously though, I’m petrified to try and fill mine in cause I want to make it look natural and the time to find the right colour, the stress aha I’ll get there eventually

  3. Hi D! I use her brow pencil too, love it! I always find that my pencil runs out within a few weeks. Maybe I just have a heavy hand or my shade is too light? Loved the video

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