How to correct your skin with Tarte's color correcting palette!Are you tired of uneven skin tones? Because I am. I watch YouTubers day in and day out with flawless skin, but that just isn’t reality for most people. At least for me isn’t! I used to use green concealer (like way back in the day) to color correct any red spots I had but to be honest, I haven’t used it in over 7-8 years! Recently I watched a couple tutorials on color correcting un even skin tone, so I thought I would try a full face of color correcting using the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Correcting Palette

Let me just give a quick little lesson. You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to paint my face in weird colors before putting on foundation?”. Well I’ll tell ya! The point of color correcting is to correct any unevenness your skin might have. So, here’s an example. if you have red spots on your face or rosy cheeks, you would want to cover that in green before using your foundation, which will neutralize the redness and create a more even, less red skin color. SEE? SIMPLE, LOL!

Here is the palette and the colors they include!

– counteracts darkness. I don’t have that dark of dark undereye shadows to need this every single time I put my makeup on, but I have seen people use it who need it and boy does it work! If I am doing a full face, I usually use it to avoid any shadow that might occur.

GREEN – neutralizes redness. This one is by far my favorite. I have redness everywhere on my face. so naturally I should just bathe in this color, LOL. No but really, the green hue of this product really counteracts the redness of my blemishes and overall redness.

YELLOW – highlights and brightens. I like to apply this where I think my face needs some brightening or usually where the light spots hit on my face. The center of my forehead, bridge of my nose, and maybe even the center of my chin.

WARMTH (darkest color) – sculpts, contours, and defines. This should be used as a contour after you have applied foundation. You can do your normal contour routine with it. I always make sure to set it with a powder contour as well to really lock it in!

PEACH 1 – camouflages light to medium skin tones. I used this as a highlighter after I applied my foundation! Again, make sure you always set cream anything, with a powder from of it! (If you use cream highlighter, set it with a powder highlighter!)

PEACH 2 – camouflages medium to deep skin tones. I did not use this because I thought it was too dark for what I usually like. If you have darker skin tones, this color would be perfect for you!

Here are my steps!
1Obviously I have eye make up but here is a raw picture of my skin. Blemishes, redness, sun spots and all. My skin is very uneven which is why I love to use correctors!

3Painting your skin like a clown can actually even out your skin giving a flawless complexion!To apply, I will take a small concealer brush and “strategically” draw on each color corrector before my foundation! I couldn’t help but laugh at myself because I felt like I was ready for some type of war with this “paint” on my face! LOL.

use a stippling brush to blend any color correctors into your face! 9Okay so now it’s time to blend! I like to use a stippling brush since the bristles are so fine and loosely held together that it blends but doesn’t remove what you have tried to cover. As you can see in the bottom picture, my skin is now a little more even. It’s blended but still holding a orange/green hue that covers everything I want to hide before I apply foundation!

12 13After you have applied foundation, go ahead and use the WARMTH and PEACH 1 or 2 to contour + highlight. I have used warmth to contour my outer forehead, outer bridge of the nose, right under the cheekbones, and the jaw line! (I have next to no jaw line so I always try and create one!) Using the peach 1 color,  I have highlighted underneath my eyes, center of the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow! Usually I highlight the center of my forehead, but since I used the yellow color before foundation, I felt it was brightened enough!

16Here is the finished result!
After this step I would normally apply some blush and a shimmer highlighter to all the spots you can catch in my recent post “How to Highlight with Marc Jacobs Glow Stick“. I chose not to add blush or highlighter in this picture because I didn’t want it to take away form how amazing this palette made my skin. The contour is a very universal color and with the two different highlight colors, this palette if perfect for man skin tones!

So I hope you like this post (it’s a little longer than I normally like). I really wanted it to be informative because using color correctors can totally change the game in your foundation routine! Let me know if you enjoyed this post or want to see more “How To’s” or tutorial type posts!

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