GlossyBox1It is my favorite time of the month when my GLOSSYBOX comes in. I keep meaning to share them each month so you guys have a good feel for the subscription and decide if you like one for yourself! There are so many “boxes and bags” out there today but GLOSSYBOX is by far my favorite. I tried Birch Box, wasn’t the biggest fan so I cancelled. It was between GlossyBox and Ipsy Bag and I decided to go with Glossy. This is my 19th box I believe, almost two years! I can only count a handful of items I did not like.

This months box is ADORABLE. I’m in love. They usually come in a solid purple/pink box and have themed boxes every so often. This month was French inspired featuring all French brands/products. Apparently these brands are the “crème de la crème” of French Pharmacies. This is pretty cool because there are so many great brands in other countries so this definitely opens our eyes to what else is out there!! The design of this box is so adorable! I love the red theme. The picture of the front of the box is so inviting and girly. I’m impressed by the creativity.

GlossyBox4 GlossyBox6Every box comes with a card to give you a little information on each product and their prices. I’m just going to pull some information off the card to tell you about each product I received this month!

First, we got a coupon. Usually the coupons/ gift cards we receive are for stores but this one was a coupon for GLOSSYBOX itself. It is a pre-sale coupon for loyal customers to receive The Limited Edition Holiday Box. This box will come with all full sized products worth over $120. GlossyBox is originally $21 per month if you subscribe monthly, this Holiday box is $40 but they are giving a 25% off coupon if you want the special box. (Which I am definitely doing).

Now let me tell you about the products

I obviously picked this up first because I am all about lipsticks and glosses. This product is a Parisian-inspired red lipgloss and is sold for $17.50. I did receive the full size of this gloss. They say it is a long lasting gloss that is highly pigmented. I have not tried it so I will be the judge of that one! I’m intrigued though, I always love new glosses!

Lollipops Make Up Paris – Nail Lacquer In “Voyage À Paris” 
Okay, can we just all move to France already? These names are amazing. This is the red nail polish which is a full size as well and is worth $10.00. I honestly do not have a solid red nail polish, so this was perfect for me. I rarely wear it but would love to step in that direction come the holidays.

Phyto – Huile Soyeuse Lightweight Hydrating Oil
So, the first sentence on the card says; “Sick of your hair resembling a chia pet?”. UM YES? I have extremely curly hair so that got my attention immediately. This oil is to help with humidity and control your flyaways! The full size cost of this item is $40.00 for 3/4 oz. I received 1 oz which is still a great size and which is worth a little over $11.

Nuxe – Gentle Exfoliating Gel With Rose Petals
Next to product for the lips, my favorite products are for your face. I love GlossyBox so much for the fact they always have great skincare products which is perfect so I don’t have to buy any! This product is supposed to exfoliate and remove dead and eliminate dead skin cells with the purpose of looking more radiant than ever! I can’t wait to try this product! This is a full size product worth $26.

Carven – ‘Le Parfum’ Eau De Parfume
Whoa. How about that name. I received a .17oz sample of this and when I smelled it I was not a impressed. I will definitely try it since some of my favorite perfumes smells terrible at the initial spray but set really nicely. I am definitely curious as to how this perfume sets. The full size to this product is $112 for 3.4 oz.

Overall, I’m really happy with the products I received this month. I have had a subscription to GlossyBox for a while so I can gauge what I’ll be happy with and what I wont be.

I pay $21 per months for this box and with the products I received today including the sizes this box was worth $74.50. Three of these items are full size, 2 are samples or smaller items. Not to mention my discount on the Limited Edition Holiday Box! I would say that’s pretty with it!

Check out GlossyyBox HERE and view their subscription options!!
Do you guys subscribe to any boxes or bags?
Which ones are your favorite?

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