Over the past 4 years Glamglow has grown to be an amazing company with an incredible success story! These products have been such an essential part of my skincare routine that I would go nuts without them! Today I want to talk to you about my absolute favorite Glamglow product (that I have probably mentioned 10x before) + why it has made such a difference in my skin!

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment.
This black mud draws out dirt and congestion in your pores to brighten + soften the skin leaving it flawless looking! My skin is instantly better the second I remove the mud — that is no joke! The ONLY downfall is that it is SO expensive for the amount you receive. Large size jars are around $70 but I promise you, it is completely worth it. This is one product I will go down defending!

Glamglow App Glamglow Supermud 1Glamglow Drying Process[ So, I got a little bored during the drying process! ] 

all dried Glamglow Supermud DRIED

When the mud dries, it does get super tight and stiff. It does not peel off, you do have to wash your face which could take a few extra minutes!

result Glamglow Supermud AFTERMy skin never looks and feels as good as it does after I use this mask. I like to use it every two or three weeks but lately my skin has been terrible so I have been using it a lot more!

You can either spot treat or do a full face mask depending on your skin. I only wear it over night if I am spot treating + I don’t recommend sleeping with a full face of dried mud! My problematic area is my chin so I’ll dab a little on and wash it off in the morning!

What are your favorite skincare masks?? TRY THIS! It is life-changing. 

Product Mentioned:
Glamglow Supermud – HERE


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5 comments on “GLAMGLOW F’Sho!”

  1. Girl, we seriously share a long lost spirit or something! I wrote a face mask post last week + took nearly identical pics LOL! I’m reading through this like, omg, this girl is meee!! hahaha [in a good way] :)

    I’m excited to hear about this though! I’ve never seen/tired it before, and am always in the market for new masks. And you can tell when someone truly loves something – you sold me! I love the after shot – your face looks so smooth + refreshed! :)

    • Omg, that is hilarious! We definitely think the same, I’m loving it! I can’t wait to read your post because skin care products are my favoriteeeeee! I’m always interested in new ones too. And can’t wait to see the pics! ;) Haha!

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