Fly-aways can be a serious buzzkill. Most of the time they are a result of breakage and dryness. They tend to happen more with people who have processed (bleached/lightened) hair. The more processed your hair is the more it will create dryness and break. The more dry it gets the lighter in weight it will be, causing it to stand straight up! Annoying, right?

A reader & old friend emailed me with her struggle with fly-aways! I decided to accept the challenge and find out what works best! (Thanks Kelly for the suggestion!!) While it is natural to think products are your only option, the most important thing to understand is that it all starts with breakage control.  Use the right conditioner, keep up on hair treatments, forget the brush, and avoid as much heat as you can! Before I talk about what products you can use, you must be aware of proper hair care before using them!

yes and noHelpful Hints: Choose a moisture conditioner that will help with dryness or breakage! Find out or research what treatments you can do to add moisture into your hair! Hair treatments should be done once per week or more if your hair is more damaged! Ditch your brush! Don’t ever use a brush to detangle wet hair. Always use a wide tooth comb to prevent all breakage as much as possible. AVOID HEAT! If you can avoid heat, DO IT. Blow-dry or straightener? Pick one and try not to do both unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need to do both then make sure you are strict with your hair treatments! Lastly, be smart with your hair products. Experiment and get creative!

moroccanoil-oil-treatmentOil. For people with mild fly-aways, oil can be used to to weigh down some of those shorter hairs. I have mentioned before that my favorite oil is the Moroccan Oil Treatment. For people with severe cases of fly-aways, I do not recommend oil. Those hairs usually bother people most around the part in their hair, so putting oil directly on your part will make your hair lifeless and greasy looking.

sumowaxWax. To me, wax is slightly better than oil because it is not as loose, its much easier to manipulate, and harder to get carried away with. Wax will not make your hair as oily looking as oil can and is great at taming fly-aways. Wax is a perfect choice for people who have shorter fly-aways. The best wax I have used is the Bumble and Bumble Sumowax.

61poyp5kaaL._SL1500_Hairspray. This is usually the option people choose first. Hair spray is a great choice to tame fly-aways. Except, once your hair starts to move around, the hairspray starts to loosen and up pops those hairs once again! Hair spray works great for people who have longer fly-aways. For those with short ones, this may not be an option for you. I always use my TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray.

Now that you know product options, lets talk about some tricks! Honestly, what worked best for me was mild use of products, strong use of a cheap toothbrush and some bobby pins! I choose to let my hair air dry, usually at night. Below are the steps of my personal process!

1. Choose a wax or oil. I am currently using Aquage Transforming Paste.
2. Spread a very small amount on the bristles of the tooth brush.
3. Grab a small section along the part of your hair.
4. Brush the fly-aways into your hair allowing them to adhere to the longer hair.
5. After you’re done, use a bobby pin or a duck bill clip to hold the hairs down.
6. Let your hair air dry! I usually sleep with the pins in my hair!


Using a wax or an oil adds weight to the fly aways. Pinning them down while they are wet is training them to stay that way. Carry a small toothbrush or clean mascara wand with you so at any point during the day you can touch up fly-aways that reoccur!

What do you guys use to tame those wanted hairs?! I’d love to know!

Products Mentioned:
Aquage Transforming Paste: HERE
Moroccan Oil Treatment: HERE – [cheaper HERE]
Bumble and Bumble Sumowax: HERE – [Larger+Cheaper HERE]
TRESemme Extra Hold: HERE

Combs to use:
Wide Tooth Comb:HERE
Large Wide Tooth: HERE
Shower Combs: HERE

Hair Treatments:
Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask Small: HERE – [MUCH cheaper HERE]
Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask Large: HERE – [ MUCH cheaper HERE]
Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment: HERE
Redken Extrem Strength Builder Plus: HERE

Great Conditioners:
Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair: HERE – [cheaper HERE]
Proganix Repair. Healing + Anti-Breakage: HERE

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  1. The Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Mask has been my go-to deep conditioner for about a month now. With bleached and seriously damaged hair, my hair has never been this soft and shiny! I really want to try the Moroccan Oil – they’re cruelty free!

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