I don’t know about you but I suffer from dry feet and nothing I do seems to last! My first thought, was go to the nearest Nail Salon for a pedi, yeah, works for about two days until a callous starts to show up again. I was using the ped egg, but same thing!

When your skin becomes so dry that it hardens and cracks, you know you’ve got a serious issue. It’s summer and your feet do NOT need to be looking like that!

I mean it when I say this ….

You should always have Vaseline in your house because you can seriously use it for a million and one things.  Petroleum jelly is considered an emollient (quality of soft or soothing skin) ointment that will revitalize your dry skin. It helps replace oils and prevents water loss making it extremely helpful for those dry feet. It melts into the skin, seeping into the spaces and gaps of the cracked areas.

All you need is these two items:
vas             sock

Before bed, take some of the jelly, and lather your feet up with it (be generous). Put on some socks and go to bed!  When you wake up in the morning I promise you that your feet are going to be so soft! Do this once a week AT MINIMUM! The dryer the feet, the more times at night you should do this!


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