I am constantly fighting the battle of wanting to chop my hair off. I have to keep in mind that short hair is extremely trendy at this moment! Not to mention, I have been through hell and back trying to grow my hair which was a struggle for a long time. That still doesn’t stop my desire for shoulder length hair that is done up cute and curly.

I was watching YouTube videos (per usual) and I came across one of Desi Perkin’s new videos on how to achieve a “faux” bob or a “lob” which is just an awkward abbreviation for a long bob. Desi used a little tool to make this process so much easier and more natural looking bob which is exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it immediately and was happy to find out it was less than $6!


This tool is basically a giant elacstic headbead with a small clip in the middle to make separate the band in two sections, one small section and one large.

Desi created a teqnique to make this bob much better looking than the directions that are listed on the box. If you follow the box directions, your hair will come out looking mushroom-like and not cute whatsoever. If you do the “Desi method” then you will have a more authentic look.

** Important Note: Desi’s way of doing this look will NOT work if you do not have any layers. The shortest you are able to make your hair, is where your shortest layer is. If you have very long layers or zero layers at all, a bob is impossible to achieve with this method.

Instead of writing out the steps in detail, I decided to make a video tutorial which I thought would be a lot more helpful for you guys!

Products Used:
Conair Perfect Bob: HERE
Bellami 6 in 1 Wand: HERE

Bellami 6in1

Thanks for reading/watching guys! Hope you enjoyed! XO

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