Save or Spend
*** Warning: This post is a tad lengthy!

Okay, here’s a scenario.. Two lipsticks; same color, same shape, same size. One costs $5 and the other costs $28. Is the $28 lippie truly worth it? Or will the $5 lipstick have a long-lasting effect, giving you a heck of a bargain?

The other day I was in Ulta, looking to try new products (what else is new) and I naturally gravitated towards Too Faced’s Melted Lipstick ($22). I am determined to own them all so I put two in my basket. Then, went over to Tarte and started piling more products in my basket. Before I knew it, I was about to be $250+ poorer and I just was not having it. I put everything in back and left.  Instead of tossing products into my basket for no good reason, I need to stop, take a second and really think about what I am spending money on and why. I am not made of money so I should stop shopping as if I am..

So how do you know what beauty products to save on and when you should splurge?
I wanted to share with you guys which products I decide to go high-end and which ones I decide to save my moolah on. Hopefully this gives you a guideline for the next time you are trying to save some money while shopping!

 This is an absolute must for me and the most expensive item I choose to purchase. The second I bought my first expensive foundation, I knew was never going back. Boy, what a huge difference it makes! When I wear a high-end foundation, by the end of the night, my makeup looks as good as it did when I first applied it. I’m telling you, it’s worth it.
Brands I use: YSL ECLAT (favorite + GO-TO), Smashbox 15 Hour Wear, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD.

Face Powder. By powder, I mean anything from your highlight & contour to your setting powder. (This excludes blush). Having quality powders is like the peanut butter to the jelly. Using a high-end powder on high-end foundations will give a very flawless look.
Brands I use: Kat Von D Contour Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit.

Cosmetic Brushes. MUST, MUST, MUST! Invest in some good brushes and clean them as much as you can. (Here is a post I did a while ago, showing you my two best methods of cleaning your brushes. How To Spot Clean And Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes). This plays a huge role in how your makeup will appear!
Brand I use: Mac Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, Morphe Brushes.


. The only mascaras I own that are higher priced are by Too Faced, MAC, and Tarte cosmetics. Honestly, I still go for my two L’OREAL mascaras every single time. You should be replacing your mascara every 3 months so what is the point of spending your pretty pennies.
Brands I use: L’OREAL Telescopic, L’OREAL Volume Building

Eyeliner. I have a gel eyeliner from Tarte and I also own a gel liner from Maybelline. Again, I choose drugstore every time. I am obsessed with Tarte and truly love them, but it just goes to show you that not everything that is higher priced is the better choice. I had a really hard time with one of their gel liners.
Brands I use: Maybelline Studio Lasting Liner, L’OREAL 24 Hour Gel Liner.

Lip gloss/lipstick. Okay, so.. This is a tough one for me because lipstick is totally my thing. I have over 80 lippies of all kinds (gloss, matte, satin, ultra matte, liquid, etc.) I personally decide to buy all kinds, at any price. I do not choose this as one of my “saves”, but it is NOT necessary to buy a lipstick for $20+. You can very easily find a drugstore brand that holds the same as a luxury brand. (If my husband is reading this, disregard everything I just said because I still need the high-end brands, LOL).
Brands I use: Maybelline Color SensationalL’OREAL Riche Extraordinaire, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Final Thoughs
Take it from someone who is constantly buying new products, there are so many products that are not always worth the cost. If you have extra money and want to say F^%& it, then by all means, have a good time! But if you need some new makeup and want to stay on a budget, think about where you are spending and what you are paying for. You may think you are purchasing a quality product but are actually paying for pretty packaging, popularity, and brand appeal. So be careful, take a second to do some research and read reviews!

Always remember, no amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart! So stay beautiful on the inside! Hope you enjoyed and found this little guideline helpful! XOXO

If you are interested in any of these products I listed above (or any others), try searching for them on Amazon HERE because I’m sure you can find them much cheaper than in stores.



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