Hi loveys! So I haven’t blogged in a while and it’s been driving me nuts! I’ve been super busy and exhausted but that is no excuse! Today I want share some of my recent makeup favorites that lately I cannot live without!

Anastasia Contour

Anastasia Contour 2

Lime Crime Wicked

Lime Crime wicked 2

NYX Base

NYX base 2

Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk 2
Anastasia Beverly Hills –  Contour Pallet | HERE
LimeCrime – Wicked | HERE
NYX Eye Shadow Base | HERE
Sonia Kashuk Matte Colorless Powder | HERE

As you know, I am completely obsessed with contouring my face. I am also completely obsessed with Anastasia products so I was mesmerized by this pallet. If I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup (which is almost always) I usually just throw on foundation, then use this pallet to contour and highlight and it makes me feel like I am fresh and ready. Anastasia allows you to custom make this pallet and choose from colors that you think would work well for you, so I did that and came up with my own personal contour pallet!

If you are obsessed with wearing lipstick and haven’t followed LimeCrime on Instagram you are making a huge mistake because it is aaammaazzzing! I put off ordering their velvetine lipsticks for so long until I finally caved. This lipstick goes on glossy and dries almost instantly and extremely matte. Once I noticed that I could kiss my hubby without it coming off on him, I was in LOVE! The first time I wore this lipstick, I made a mistake and wore it on a night that I was constantly drinking something. I didn’t think anything of it but that resulted in applying it multiple times throughout the night. By the end of the night it began to get a tad lumpy and I was super self conscious of it. So be aware of your plans before you make the commitment to wear it for the night!

The NYX Eye Shadow Base was something I just picked up at Target not thinking I would absolutely love it and I more than love it! I’ve never used a base that worked so well for my personal liking. I notice that my eye shadow stays on a lot longer than usual which I always have a hard time with. It shows up as very white and opaque but as soon as you apply shadow it covers the white and stays on really nice.

BUT! What is worse than your eye shadow not staying all night? Your whole entire look not holding! Before I started using setting powders I could not get my bronzer/blush to stay for more than an hour or two. A few hours into the night my makeup would start to look old and it drove me nuts! I’ve tried a lot of setting powders and they usually work but this Sonia Kashuk powder is super light and really does the job! What I noticed after using setting powders is that it would almost erase all of the contouring I had done prior to putting it on. Since this product is so light, it didn’t do that and I love it!

Go and try these products, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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