3 braids!
Braids can be done so many different ways! I’ve been trying my hardest to experiment with new hair options so today I’m showing you 3 different ways to style a braid!

Ponytail Braid6 Super Easy Steps To Get A Ponytail Braid! GET THIS BRAID: This braid is super easy and can be done up so cute! It’s simply just a pony tail with a braid. Couldn’t be easier, right!? Style yourself a super cute pony and then tie it with an elastic band. Keep a small piece of hair out from underneath the ponytail [about 1/2 inch thick] and pint it up + out of the way. Take the ponytail and braid yourself a regular 3-strand braid and secure it with an elastic band. Cautiously & lightly pull apart the braid to loosen it and give it a messier/ thicker appearance. Now take that hair you left out and wrap it around the braid until there is only1 inch left of the strand and pin that into the ponytail.

Halfup Crown Braid8 Super Easy Steps To A Double Crown BraidGET THIS BRAID: Another easy look to create is the half-up crown braid. It’s a super chic/bohemian look that makes for an adorable hairstyle! Start of by grabbing any size section you’d like, from the front/upper quadrant of your hair. You will begin doing a 3 strand braid, braiding downward but slightly pulling back. Repeat that on the other side with an equivalent sized section of hair. Take one of the braids and pull it around to the back making sure that the braid is as long as you would like it to be! Now pin your braids in place. The braid should sit right where your occipital bone is. If you need extra volume, grab a tail comb and gently tug (lifting up) on the hair above the braid to give yourself some height!

Double Dutch Braid7 Easy Steps To A Double Dutch Braid[ Can we just take a moment and totally love the fact that double french braids are making a comeback. I must have worn this hairstyle every single day from 2nd grade and throughout middle school ]

GET THIS BRAID: I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is a dutch braid!? It’s actually quite simple. A dutch braid is simply a reverse french braid. Instead of putting each strand OVER the the hair, you are wrapping each strand UNDER the hair. This makes the braid pop rather than hide. Start by parting your hair down the middle into two even sections. (You can make your part clean + straight or you can keep it messy). Start on one side with 3 small sections and begin french braiding. The key to this braid is making sure you are holding your hair as tight as possible, it will help to make the braid stand out. Eventually you will finish your braid and you can secure it with an elastic band!

I hope everyone enjoyed these hairstyles today! If you do not know how to do a French Braid (or dutch braid), leave a comment below if you would like to see a video tutorial since I didn’t get too in-depth in this post :)

What kinds of braids are YOUR favorite!?


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