As women, we constantly search for ways to enhance our beauty that we sometimes believe anything. Even worse, we will try anything!! We are taken down a path of spending tons of money or trying new remedies and techniques that may or may not work. After several dollars spent, we’ve only realized, it never even worked! I wanted to share the most popular beauty myths that every girl believes!!

The Myth: Shaving makes hair grow back faster, darker, and thicker than before. 
The Truth:

Shaving your hair is simply removing hair at skin level. Then, a couple hours after shaving, ITS BACK! It really sucks being a woman sometimes and unfortunately that is just how it goes. However, you shaving your hair has nothing to do with the roots. Shaving also does not affect the growth rate, thickness, or color.

Try This!

Using a creamy product to shave will combat the stubble between shaves. You will add moisture to the skin and create a smooth feeling! HERE is a great product from ULTA to help reduce the stubble! I know it says it is for men but. . . isn’t men’s facial products specifically made for stubble? I’d use it! For my ladies who are professionals at shaving, continue using your conditioner because you know it works that works best!

*** The Myth: A base tan will protect you from getting sunburn.
The Truth:

Tanning or laying out before your vacation unfortunately will not prevent or protect you from sunburn. Even if you are pale as paper, sorry babes! According the U.S. surgeon general, a base tan will only give an SPF of around 3 which is little to no protection at all. Regardless of how much sun you have seen prior to your trip, you still need to load up on the sun block if you don’t want to burn!

Try This!
Try a self tanner before you expose your skin to the harsh UV rays. Bondi Sands is one of my favorite self tanners to use and will give you a perfect glow right before vacation while protecting that beautiful skin.

*** The Myth: You can shrink your pores.
The Truth:
Sorry lovers. There is no actual way to shrink your pores. The size of your pores depend on your genes! There are factors that play a role in making your pores appear larger such as: dead skin cells, leftover makeup, maybe even serum or oil build up. So pay attention to that!

Try This!

Smashbox’s Pore Minimizing Primer is heaven-sent to those with large pores. I don’t have this issue but I do own this product and use it before foundation almost every time. It creates a clear, smooth, and flawless complexion!

*** The Myth: Trimming your hair often will make it grow faster. 
The Truth:
Ahh, if only.  As I said above, trimming/cutting your hair has no effect on the roots or the growing process. If you abandon your hair by not cutting it regularly, it will create breakage and slowly move up and up until it eventually breaks off. By trimming the ends often, you are eliminating that breakage process which will appear to be longer because it is not breaking. See? It’s like a big trick!

Try This!

If you are heavy on using your blow-dryer and hot tools, then try a heat protection spray which will also aid in keeping your hair healthy. Sexy Hair Style Heat Spray is a great, inexpensive product to try!

So there you have it. I tried to think of the most popular myths that we all have believed. I personally have believed every single one of these myths and I feel as if my whole life was a lie! (Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji, LOL). So I hope you enjoyed and hope that you learned something today!

Until next time! XOX Des.

Products Mentioned:
Lab Series Comfort Shaving Cream HERE
Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam HERE
Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer HERE
Heat Protection Spray HERE

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