My goal this summer is to basically pretend that I’ve been laying on beach all day, maybe surfing, or impersonating a mermaid. (Duh!). There’s just something about that undone, ratty, partially dried out, ocean look to hair that I love for the summer. Who doesn’t love intentional frizz, right?

The best way to imitate salty hair from an ocean is to use a sea salt spray. I have extremely curly and frizzy hair which can be very hard to tame during the summer. I remember that my curls were always the best looking on vacation after I had been swimming in an ocean soaking up all of the salt! Some sprays such as bumble and bumble surf spray costing around $25 could be the one for you and I’ve also heard that DIY Salt Sprays work just as well. I decided to go right in between and pick up two from Ulta for an average price.

The first spray I picked up was ‘Not Your Mother’s’ Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Wow, that was a mouthful, LOL. The other spray I bought was the ‘Sun Bum’ Sea Spray. They both achieved the same result in my opinion. I find myself loving the Sun Bum spray a tiny bit more than the other, though. They both smell like vacation and have a coconut scent which is my favorite part of using these products.

I use these sprays in two different ways. To purposely achieve that beach wave look, I curl my hair with specific techniques and use the sea salt on my dry/curled hair. Similar to how you would use hair spray but instead you are using the sea spray instead. After I am done I will complete with a few light sprays of hairspray.

The other way I use this product is while my hair is wet but it isn’t to create a curled look. After I wash my hair, I will spray the sea salt to my towel dried hair and follow with a blow dry and flat iron. I use this spray to give my hair a more textured/voluminous look. I only wash my hair twice per week and this helps prevent the oil from building up and creating a greasy look that no girl wants!

So did this product achieve what I was hoping? Absolutely. These sprays were less than 15 dollars and they both executed the exact look I was trying to accomplish. My tip for this is to not overdue it on the spray but you can apply a generous amount! Hope you guys try these out, and if you do, let me know how you like them!!

Products Mentioned:
Not Your Mothers Beach Babe 2oz HERE
Not Your Mothers Beach Babe 8oz HERE
Sun Bum Sea Spray HERE
Bellami 6 in 1 Curling Wand HERE
Bellami Magnifica 240g 24″ Extensions HERE


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