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Makeup sponges have gained serious popularity in the beauty world over the last few years. It all started with the Beauty Blender, an egg-shaped sponge that brings a lot of fun to your foundation and concealer application. Other companies have also launched their version of these beauty sponges, one being the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge! Of all the sponges I have tried these two are hands down, the best in quality. If you haven’t tried either of them, you came to the right place because I am comparing the two today! BB = Beauty Blender $20 and RT = Real Techniques $6.99 

Size and shape
The size and shape of these two sponges are very different. You can see in the pictures that the RT sponge is slightly bigger with a different shape. The BB is an egg shape with a pointed tip. The RT sponge is has the same pointed tip but instead of a round bottom it has a flat edge that allows easier application around the eyes.

Application and quality
I have been using the BB for over one year consistently and I have never been disappointed once. I started using the RT sponge maybe about 2 months ago and though the application isn’t as flawless as the BB, it is a very close second! The quality of these sponges are both amazing. You can truly feel the quality difference if you grab targets version of the beauty blender vs. the actual one. They should be very soft in texture and not very dense. The BB wins as far as quality, the texture of the sponge makes it very easy and comfortable to use.

sponge sizes

Wet vs Dry
These sponges should not be used dry nor should they be used soaking wet. I like to soak mine under warm water allowing the sponge to fill with water and then I’ll wring it out, repeating that a couple of times! I will eventually grab a paper towel to soak up any moisture left over. They should be slightly damp. If they are too wet the application will not be as flawless, same goes for them being too dry! The BB holds is shape while damp a little better than the RT does. Also, the RT sponge also stays a bit more wet than the BB does, making application a little but more complicated and again, less flawless.

I use my Beauty Blender Cleanser to clean both sponges. It works like a charm! I recommend using a bar soap rather than liquid soap unless you want to be rinsing that sponge for-ev-er! (No Joke!) Personally, they both seemed to clean equally as easy! The BB might be a tad quicker to clean but then again you cannot see any discrepancies since my sponge is black vs the RT light orange color where you can see any darker spot.

beauty blender comparison

The Winner
In terms of quality and application the winner for me is the Beauty Blender. But honestly, it could very well be a tie. While the RT sponge is less expensive it won’t give you as flawless as a finish as the BB. But again, it is the closest second you will get and I will definitely continue to use it! It is 100% a DUPE for the BB + a total money saver!

Have you tried these sponges!? What do you think of them?  – XOXO

Products mentioned: 
Beauty Blender: HERE
Real Techniques Beauty Sponge: HERE
Real Techniques 2 Sponge Pack: HERE
Beauty Blender with Cleanser: HERE .. [Cheaper – HERE]
Beauty Blender + Cleanser Combo: HERE

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7 comments on “Battle Of The Blenders | REAL TECHNIQUES vs. BEAUTY BLENDER”

  1. I had been using a knock off BB + could not believe the difference once I tried the real thing! Mine was like… hard? So bad lol. Based on your review though, I’m kind of curious to the try RT version, sounds like it’d be worth a try. :)

    • I used to use the harder ones too! It was like heaven on my face when I tried the BB- Lol! You can get the RT one at Ulta for so cheap! They have a pack of two for $9.99 Definitely worth it :) I always go back and forth since they have such different shapes!

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