5No I’m not talking about baking some sweet treats in the kitchen. Baking/Cooking your makeup is a technique using your concealer/highlighter with a translucent powder to avoid any creasing in your makeup that allows it to last for hours.

It’s a concept of applying concealer, letting it sit for 10 minutes, finishing it off with a thick layer of translucent setting powder and letting that “bake” or “cook” for 10 minutes. This is nothing new to makeup artists! It’s just a fancy shmancy way of setting your makeup. But that’s what makes it fun. Baking gives a very matte/full coverage to the skin. So I was curious to see if it holds up to its reputation. I have been doing this for about a month now, but waited to post about it so I could give you my opinion and routine!

How to cook and bake? (This is my method – everyone probably does it a little different).
** My eyes + eyebrows are already done at this point, since that is what I always do first.
1. Do your foundation/contour routine as you normally would.
2. Apply your concealer and blend it out lightly with a damp beauty blender.
3. Grab your translucent setting powder and apply it with a disposable sponge to desired areas and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This is where your makeup is “cooking” and “baking”.
4. Take a fluffy brush and lightly sweep away the extra powder.
AND BAM! You have now just “cooked” your makeup!
Simple, right?!

Overall thought – should you bake? Absolutely. I love this makeup teqnique. However, it is totally not necessary for an everyday or day to day look unless that is your thing. You really do not need that full coverage of makeup if you are going out and running errands. But for night time looks, date nights, weddings, special events, etc.. cooking and baking is definitely something to help make your makeup last incredibly long. Not to mention, it helps a crazy amount with oily skin!

Do you “cook” and “bake” your makeup? Let me know your overall thoughts on this hot trend! XO!

Some of my favorite translucent powders:
MAC Cosmetics – HERE
Tarte Cosmetics – HERE
Too Faced Cosmetics – HERE
Revlon – HERE

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