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I have wanted to get my hands on some Tarte skincare products for such a long time now and I finally bought my first product! I picked up the Tarte Cosmetics C‑Brighter Maracuja Anti‑Aging Eye Treatment. This weather is so unpredictable lately and I do not want my skin to suffer from it so I have been on the hunt for effective solutions. Perfecting my skincare routine has become my forte which is why I get serious satisfaction from purchasing new products!maracuja

First off, something about the word maracuja just draws me in. (I guess that means it’s completely necessary that I own every single maracuja product, LOL). At first glance I gravitated towards it because the packaging is adorable with the bamboo-looking lid. I have mentioned before that I love Tarte Cosmetics because of the way they package their products. I chose this specific eye cream mainly for the “tightening and brightening” claims made by the brand and other customers. I do not have wrinkles, nor do I have dark circles under my eyes (thankfully) but I sure do not want them. I’m trying extremely hard to prevent instead of having to correct when the dreadful aging process starts to take effect.

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It seems like a very small amount for the price of $38 but it is densely packed and a little bit goes very long way, trust me! It’s a light ivory color and is pretty thick and silky feeling. The smell isn’t overwhelming but just enough to give off a beautiful scent.

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I have only been using this product for about one month and I can tell you it is extremely moisturizing and perfect the cold weather that is approaching! It lasts on my skin incredibly long; I use it only at night and only around my eyes about ½ inch out. Unfortunately I can’t say that I see a difference in wrinkles or dark circles considering I don’t have much of them but I do feel brighter and refreshed after using it. I am definitely making this a part of my nightly routine!

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What anti-aging creams are your favorite? Have you tried this one?!

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2 comments on “Anti-Aging Cream | Tarte Cosmetics”

  1. So glad you shared this! I am always reading up on anti-aging creams. I haven’t tried this one, but I’m definitely intrigued! I’ve been using Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle cream for a few months. I do like it, but I get bored quickly with a lot of products lol.

    • You’re like me! I get bored so easily so I just keep buying and buying, Lol! I can thank my glossy box for all the skincare products. They have some awesome ones.

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