E.L.F Skincare collection + Review!Finding affordable skincare is damn near impossible! I was at Ulta the other day looking for a face cleanser, picked up a medium sized tube that I was ready to buy — glanced down at the price, and saw $47.00 staring at me real hard. YIKES!! Then I slowly and very discreetly put the item back on the shelf and said “Walk away Des, just walk away.” (ha!) And I get it, to get expensive looking results you need to have expensive products. But do you really? I came across the e.l.f skincare line and was instantly intrigued by the packaging. It’s very dainty and expensive looking. I decided to put this brand to the test and really see if their (extremely) affordable skincare line is as effective as I need it to be!

E.L.F Daily Face CleanserDaily Face Cleanser
Lately, I have been searching for a great face wash. I didn’t put too much faith into this cleanser because I only planned on using these products as a trial basis. I was not very happy with this one which was the first one I used. It looked and smelled like regular hand soap — similar to the soft soap milk + honey kind. I don’t know about you but I don’t really want to feel like I am putting hand soap on my face. But, I did continue to use it because I was looking for results regardless of the texture and smell. It’s not harsh at all and maybe that’s the problem; it wasn’t harsh enough. this product just felt like it was spreading all over my face but it did not feel like my skin was absorbing it. It obviously cleaned my face, I mean come on, it’s soap. I’m not sure it was very effective for my personal skin. I will not be using this specific product again.

E.L.F Hydrating GelHydrating Gel Melt Cleanser
I really loved the concept on this product. It is a cleanser that starts as a clear gel and changes to a creamy oil that is supposed to help dissolve any makeup and cleanse your skin! Sounds cool, right? After using it, once, I was really confused. I instantly liked the cool gel and how it changed texture. It says to use it with dry hands and activate it with warm water and I did but the entire time I kept thinking “Am I doing this right?!”. I found that my skin felt really dehydrated after using it just only one time.. I don’t think it works for me personally for the winter (I have combination skin) but I may have to revisit this product in the summer when my oily skin kicks in!

Pore Refineing Brush And Mask Tool
This is pretty neat tool. I originally used with the cleansing gel and I have used it for other things as well. I love it! It’s kind of like a flat rubber spatula which is so perfect to applying skincare products to the face. I use this tool for several of my face masks and it has worked so well. The other end has a brush side which I guess is for really manipulating in to your skin but I really haven’t used it much. Definitely keeping this one!

E.L.F Exfoliating ScrubExfoliating Scrub
Okay so, when I think of exfoliators — I want super rough, gritty scrub that makes me feel like my dead skin is -without a doubt- leaving my face! That’s just personally what I like. This is a very gentle scrub with not too much grit but I was actually impressed with it. It smells good. It’s thicker and a little bit goes a long way. I only exfoliate every 2-3 days and I could notice a difference after using it. I will definitely continue to be using this product!

E.L.F Daily MoisturizerDaily Hydrating Moisturizer
Being the skincare junkie that I am, moisturizers are my favorite to use. I think that my specific skin reacts very well to most moisturizers. So I’m pretty indifferent about this product. I did not hate it but it’s not something that is going to be a staple in my routine. I loved the scent. I loved how easily it glided on my skin; it was thin and very easy to manipulate. I did feel extremely moisturized after using it which I loved but I didn’t care for how my skin felt in the morning. Usually during the night — the moisturizer is supposed to completely absorb into your skin. It is normal to feel a little oily when you wake up but that is what morning cleansing is for! This left a pretty decent amount of residue on my skin that I personally don’t care for. I wouldn’t completely rule this product out, though. If you have very dry skin it will be perfect for you! But if you are combo to more oily skin, a different product may suit you better!

E.L.F Facial BrushCleansing Duo Face Brush
Oh my goshhhhh, you guys, I loved this brush. The bristles are super soft and feel so nice on your face. I would not use this to remove makeup because it may not work well but it definitely works for cleansing. I keep this brush right in the shower and use it every single day. It also has a rubbery back side that is perfect for using when you exfoliate. The exfoliation side is my favorite because you can totally feel the exfoliator working when you use it. The handle has a shape that makes it really comfortable to use! This will definitely be a must in my skincare routine.

E.L.F Facial Massager ToolFacial Massager
Okay, I am just so confused by this tool. It says it helps relieve tension and helps to absorb product on your face. It seemed to collect more product on the tool rather than massage it into my skin. I love the idea of what it is supposed to do but — it did not feel that good on my face! Probably not going to be using it that much unless I figure out how to use it properly.

E.L.F Skincare ProductsWhen I search for a new skin products, I search for what will BETTER my skin instead of keep it stagnant which is what most of these products seemed to do. I did not notice a significant difference in my skin for what I am personally looking for. But, that does not mean it won’t be perfect for you! So I hope you found this super long review helpful! My feelings towards this skin care line was very 50/50!

HITS: Duo Cleansing Brush, Exfoliating Scrub, Pore Refining Mask and Brush Tool.
MISSES: Facial Massager, Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser, Daily Face Cleanser.
A LITTLE BIT OF BOTH: Daily Moisturizing Moisturizer.

Products Mentioned:
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Pore Refining Mask and Brush Tool – HERE
Exfoliating Scrub – HERE
Daily Hydrating Moisturizer – HERE
Cleansing Duo Face Brush – HERE
Facial Massager – HERE



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  1. I use the first aid Beauty skin line. I absolutely love it!!! The texture on my skin has been crazy past few weeks, as you know from my HELP texts you get lol but I’ve been using the Lancôme exfoliate scrub every few days along with their night cream.

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