2015 Beauty Advent Calendars
CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE!! Okay, almost. I realize this post is SUPER early but I have a reason why that I will tell you further into the post! Plus, I’m totally that annoying person that is ready for Christmas the day after Halloween. I always look for new ways to get excited for the holidays and what better way to countdown than buying an advent calendar?! I am sure you know what they are but if you do not, Advent calendars are calendars made with numbered flaps (usually with chocolate or candy on the inside) that act as a way to countdown to Christmas! You pop the flap open and get your delightful surprise inside!

Instead of buying the traditional chocolate filled calendar, I have found some amazing Beauty Advent Calendars that are filled with beauty products and fun, girly things! There are 12 day calendars if you desire two different brands or there are 24 day calendars as well. So, this year I am going to select one for myself and I hope you can join in on the countdown fun!!

Now, I will tell you why I am posting about Xmas in the first week of November, LOL!  As I was looking for some calendars to purchase, I thought, how fun would it be to post this super early and to keep reminding people to join in with me and get their calendars ready for December 1st! I am going to be doing an Advent Calendar Giveaway!! The winner will receive either a 1-24 day calendar or 2-12 day calendars. When I receive the calendar in the mail, I will post a blog post showing you which calendar you will win + the rules for entry. I will open poll for you guys to enter to win which will select a winner randomly.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up quick and I just wanted to do a mini giveaway to say thanks to everyone who follows, reads, shares, likes, and comments on my page. As I said before, you have no idea how grateful I am for the love and support!

Check out the Calendar

Tarte 12 Days Advent Calendar
Tarte Petite Treats. This is a 12 day calendar filled with amazing beauty products by one of my favorite companies ever! I did not find this on the Tarte Website, I could only find it on Amazon with limited quantity, but I am dying to have it! Some calendars from specific companies are not available for purchase yet but I got so excited I couldn’t wait for their websites to release them!

12 Days Benfit Advent CalendarBenefit Cosmetics Party Poppers Makeup Set. This is another 12 day calendar fun with amazing products from Benefit Cosmetics, another amazing company! I am definitely interested in this one!!

24 Days Ciate Advent Calendar Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar. Holy AMAZING! How freaking cute is this 24 day advent calendar of mini nail polish bottles! Such an adorable idea! I do have a few Ciate polishes and I love them. This is completely worth the price of this calendar!

Mad Beauty 24 day Advent CalendarMad Beauty Advent Calendar. I found this cutie on Amazon. It is a 24 day calendar and it is filled with some great products. I am not familiar with this brand but it was pretty inexpensive at $26 and I thought it was perfect for the gals who aren’t looking to spend a crazy amount of money but still want to join the fun!

Ulta 12 Days of BeautyUlta 12 Days Of Beauty. This I found right on the Ulta website for $12.00!! That’s amazing! I have so many Ulta brand products and while they aren’t high-end they are still great to use and so cost-effective! This fun box covers all the makeup necessities!


The Body Shop 24 DaysThe Body Shop 24 Days of Happy. Okay, so if I had extra money to spend I would definitely purchase this one. I LOVE The Body Shop and their products! This one is a little bit on the pricey side but there are some really great products in here!

So there are the best Beauty Advent Calendars I could find! (With prices in reason). I think they are all so unique and such a fun concept for a countdown to Christmas! Keep on the lookout for my Advent Calendar Giveaway in the next week or two to win either a 1-24 day beauty calendar or 2-12 day beauty calendars! Surprises… Surprises!!

Comment below and tell me your thoughts on the whole idea!

Products Mentioned:
Tarte Petite Treats – HERE
Benefit Cosmetics Party Poppers Makeup Set – HERE
Mad Beauty Advent Calendar – HERE
Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar – HERE
ULTA 12 Days of Beauty – HERE
The Body Shop 24 Days of Happy – HERE

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  1. I want them all but especially tarte and body shop! You’re so cute I didn’t even know they had these for beauty stuff! Xoxo

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