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My name is Desiree, welcome to my blog! I am blogging from the beautiful East Coast. I was born and raised in the best city in the world, Chicago! Moved to Connecticut in 2013 and I am happily married to my amazing husband, Dominic!

I am an only child that grew up in a suburb of Chicago. My passion for hair started around the age of 8 when I figured out how to use a curling iron to straighten my hair, LOL! (Yes, a curling iron). Shortly after, I developed a passion for makeup. Junior year of high school I went to cosmetology school where I got my license and started working in salons. I have dabbled in and out of salons since the age of 18 but decided I did not want to do hair or makeup working in a salon. I free lance doing hair or makeup from time to time. It helps keep my passion alive, which brings me to my blog!

I started a beauty blog in 2014 for fun but has turned into something I truly love. As my blog has been primarily a beauty blog, I plan to incorporate so much more starting 2016. I have realized that I have much more to offer than just beauty topics so this should be really fun! 

 It is important to know that everything I post on this blog are simple opinions of mine, along with tips and tricks that I have personally tested. I hope sharing my information will inspire you as it has inspired myself :)


So, thank you for coming to my blog! I hope you enjoy because I truly love coming up with new ideas for you guys! If you have any questions or specific topics for me to discuss, please don’t hesitate! Visit the contact tab on the bar up top and shoot me an email. Or, you can email me directly at savobeauty@gmail.com

Stay beautiful.
XOXO – Desiree!

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