Either you’re too busy that you’ve let your nails chip and fade or worse, your nails just haven’t been polished in weeks.  Don’t rush your nail process. If you just spend a little bit of extra time, you might not need to do them so frequently. Here is 8 tips to keep your manicure as long lasting as possible!

8 Tips for Long-Lasting Nail polish!

1. Wipe your nails with polish remover
Regardless if you are wearing nail polish or not, you should always wipe with nail polish remover.  This eliminates any chances of oil residue left on the nail before application. The cleaner the nail, the stronger the hold!

2. Keep your cuticles hydrated
Each week dab your cuticles with oil or or cuticle cream. Rough cuticles can cause chips in the nail.

3. Wash with cold water
Immediately after painting, dip your nails in cold water to speed dry time. If it doesn’t totally kill you to shower and wash your hands with cooler water, then do it! This prolongs nail polish lifespan greatly!

4. Always apply a top coat
I’m sure every girl in the world knows this, but applying a top coat adds lots of strength to the polish and prevents it from chipping.

5. Double up on the tip
The tip of your nail is where chipping is most likely to occur. Apply an extra coats of polish and top coat to keep them strong!

6. Fix a knick
Chips are pretty much inevitable. And when that happens, it’s like it becomes a ripple effect for the rest of the nails to start chipping. If a knick or chip exist, you can do one of two things. Either buff the chip and repaint over it, or remove the polish from that finger and start from scratch. Your preference.

7. Apply a top coat daily
Applying a top coat daily will help keep the nail strong. You probably don’t realize how much wear and tear your finger nails experience, but it’s a lot. So adding clear coats daily will reserve the polish and keep them shiny!

8. Go Gel
And when all of those tips above fail then just go gel! Gel manicures are probably best for the busy lifestyles. They’re long lasting and very convenient. You can obviously go to your favorite nail spa or buy the DIY gel nails at your local beauty store. Either way, it could save a lot of time!


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