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You know, I always look at my brushes (all 80-something of them) and think to myself, why the hell do I own so many brushes when I only use the same 5-10 brushes every single time. Really though, what is the point! I could sit here and list the brushes I use on a day to day basis but instead I thought I would tell you my 5 game changing brushes. These brushes have made a huge difference in the way I do my makeup and the way my makeup application looks.

6Morphe Brushes – MB5 Deluxe Duo Foundation.
I do not use this as a foundation brush. I use this as a buffer to buff anything I have done too much of. Whether it be bronzer, blush, or powder. I love this brush and the long soft bristles it has. It truly does buff out unwanted makeup if you get a little overzealous!

4Sigma Brushes – F88 Flat Angled Kabuki & F80 Flat Top Kabuki.
It was really tough to choose between the Flat Top Kabuki and the Flat Angled Kabuki. So I chose both, LOL! I really love the Flat Top Kabuki for foundation when I don’t feel like spending the time using a beauty blender. Which is almost every time. This brush is very dense and soft which gives you a great foundation application. The Flat Angled Kabuki is ONLY brush I use for my cream bronzer. (HERE is a post I did on my favorite cream bronzer by Chanel). The angle of the brush applies perfectly on my cheekbones, I love the application. (If you cannot afford Sigma Brushes, HERE is an old post on a bundle of inexpensive Kabuki Brushes that I am obsessed with and use daily. The Lamora Angled Kabuki is the one in the picture above with the Sigma Flat Kabuki).

3MAC Cosmetics – 224 Tapered Blending Brush.
I never go without using this brush at some point in my makeup process. This is my favorite brush for blending, probably ever. It’s such an oldie but definitely a ‘goodie’. I always use this brush to apply my transition color for my eye shadow. (For those who have no idea what a transition color is, it is the color between your upper eyebrow color and your lid color. It should be applied right above your crease area. Transition colors give your eye shadow a gradient or ombre look.) This brush is PERFECT for that. The dome-like shape acts great as a buffer and really prevents it from applying to harshly.

2Kat Von D – Shade + Light Contour Brush.

Sooo.. I guess this would be considered another 2 for 1 since its a double sided brush? This is my current highlight and contour brush at the moment. And has been for 2-3 months now. The contouring end is angled and is the ideal size for getting right underneath your cheekbone. While the highlighting end fits perfect under your eye to set with powder. Is it weird that I think it applies better a little bit dirty? Who cares, it’s an amazing brush to go along with her Shade + Light Palette!

5Morphe Brushes – M250-0 Detail Liner Brush.

I was never a fan of these little brushes but this one really changed my eyeliner routine. This brush is just your standard small liner brush. Like I said, I was never a fan but I took the time, really practiced and it improved my lining technique so well that I can’t go without it! I love Morphe, so I usually buy 5 of these at one time since my gel liner really dries out and hardens my brush. Morphe has great, quality brushes for very low prices!


So there are all my most used and favorite brushes!
What brushes are game changers for you?
List some awesome ones in the comments, I’m due for a new purchase and some new game changers!!  XO!

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