5 Amazing Mascaras to try out!
If I were asked which makeup item I could never go without — it would be mascara. I think mascara is extremely important to any makeup look, I mean — that’s obvious, right? So today I am telling you guys about my top 5 favorite mascaras and why I love them!

FYI — These are just my personal preferences in mascaras! I encourage you to try out some and find which one is right for you!

COVERGIRL 1COVERGIRL – Lash Blast Fusion — $8.99
This is the perfect everyday look mascara. Because of the wand — it applies very evenly which is so helpful for application. The wand is pretty thick with very short bristles, so if you have nonexistent eyelashes, this may not be the best mascara for you. But if it is, they also have a waterproof version as well.

TARTE MASCARA 2Tarte Cosmetics – Lights, Camera, Flashes — $23.00
What I love most about this mascara is that when it is dry, it doesn’t feel hard and crusty like most mascara. If I feel thickness all over my lashes, I will pick them! [bad habit, I know] But with this mascara, I don’t do that. It’s another mascara that gives you a natural look. The wand has long, hard bristles that keep your eyelashes separated and prevents them from clumping together.

LOREAL MASCARA 3L’OREAL – Voluminous Volume Building — $7.99
This has been a staple in my makeup collection for YEARS. Literally– probably since 7th grade. This is my holy grail mascara product. My mom has used this mascara ever since I was little so it just carried over, and I still love it till this day! I use the original + the carbon black, which I love. If you love a thicker more dramatic eyelash, this is definitely the one for you. It’s extremely easy to build and the soft thick bristles make it easy to comb the lashes as you apply it. Definitely worth trying!

LOREAL MASCARA 4L’OREAL – Telescopic Carbon Black — $9.99
This mascara I have had for years and I think the packaging might have been recently updated. The way I feel about the L’OREAL Voluminous mascara is the same way I feel about this one! While the other L’OREAL mascara adds extreme thickness, this one definitely adds more length! The long, slender wand really helps to coat each individual lash.

TOO FACED MASCARA 5Too Faced – Better Than Sex — $23.00 [large size] .. $12.00 [small size]
I bought the small size of this mascara to try out because I was not sure how I would like it. If you love an extreme dramatic eyelash — pick this baby up now! I am all about a thick, comply, spider lash [it’s just my thing] and my lashes look 100% fuller + more voluminous with this mascara on! The unique shape of the wand truly coats the lashes with a super thick appearance. This product definitely works best if you use an eyelash curler!

So, maybe you use these mascaras or maybe you don’t; hopefully this was a little guide to some great brands that have worked so well for me!

Do you use any of these brands? Which ones?!
If not, which brands are YOUR favorite!

Products Mentioned:
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion — HERE .. (waterproof) HERE
Tarte Cosmetics – Lights, Camera, Flashes — HERE
L’OREAL Voluminous Volume Building — HERE
L’OREAL Telescopic Carbon Black — HERE
Too Faced Better Than Sex — HERE

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10 comments on “5 Amazing Mascaras To Try!”

  1. I’m a die hard fan of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes – the purple tube that isn’t waterproof! I also just picked up Pur Cosmetic’s Big Look mascara and am so into it lately. The wand is huge and the brush is bright pink, so duh of course I love it.

    • I have been meaning ti pick up the purple one for so long! I should have bought the duo package when I had the chance! But good to know that I’ll have the waterproof one for vacations ;)

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