10 Tricks to help when you can't sleep at night!

There are those nights, that no matter how hard you try — you just toss and turn, getting ZERO sleep. Don’t you hate that? This is usually the case for me if I am stressed or had a really busy day. I find that I have a hard time relaxing and just shutting my brain off. These tricks may not work for everyone but I have found that doing a few of these small things before bed that have really played a role in winding down and getting catching some ZZZ’s!

  1. Take a relaxing bath or shower before bed. Use this time to really try shut out anything that may have caused you stress. Turn the temperature of the water somewhat hotter than you usually would, as this will help loosen your muscles and body!
  2. Write down your thoughts. I know this sounds silly; like, okay, ’cause we all just have journals to write in. I know I don’t.  But sometimes writing down your thoughts, words you want to say, or conversations you want to have will help release some of what is going on in your mind that is preventing you from relaxing.
  3. Adjust the temperature of your room. I do this all of the time. It’s either to cold or too hot so I am constantly adjusting the temp in my house to make sure my room is the most comfortable. I personally like my room on the cold side because I love to snuggle in my blankets.
  4. Turn to essential oils or bedroom mists. Keep some lemon/lavender essential oils or bedroom mists at your bedside table. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can spray some of your mists around your bed and sprinkle some essential oils on your wrists and behind your ears! The scent will be relaxing and soothing! My favorites are the Sleep Chamomile Mist and Lavender Essential Oils.
  5. Avoid too much caffeine. Try not to have caffeine after 12 or if you can, cut it out completely! Chamomile Tea is a great alternative!
  6. Turn on some noise. I know if I am trying to sleep and sitting in silence — all I am going to do is think. Whether it be soft music or something as simple as a fan, have some sort of background noise that isn’t too loud or distracting. But make sure it is distracting enough to let your mind relax itself from thinking.
  7. Make a fresh bed. There is nothing I love more than getting into a freshly made bed. I just cannot get comfortable if my bed is a giant mess. It is definitely a lot more relaxing when my bed is organized and ready for me!
  8. Wear minimal clothing. Okay — so this is totally a personal trick but it helps me A LOT. I do not feel comfortable whatsoever with tons of clothes on while I am sleeping. If I start to feel my pants or shirt twist and get tangled I start freaking out and won’t ever find a cozy spot. I sleep in a little tank top and small shorts. If you need some sweatpants and a sweatshirt then head back to #3 and adjust the thermostat!
  9. Read a book. If there is anything that makes me instantly tired, it’s reading. (ha!) I try so hard to get into books but my eyes instantly get heavy. Try reading a book and I promise you, you will start to wind down and feel tired in 20 minutes!
  10. When all else fails — COUNT SOME SHEEP! No really, start counting! That’s even more boring than reading. LOL!

Do you have nights where you have trouble sleeping?
What are some of your favorite “wind-down” tricks!


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